October 15, 2009

Gotchthem Day

It is an interesting story about the day I picked out my mom and dad. Yes, I picked them out. I must say I had a lot of work to do when I decided that they were the ones. Here is my story.

It was way back on the 7th of July, when I was wondering around the countryside, that I heard a lot of laughter and talking, and smelled the aroma of good food. I immediately headed in the direction of all of the commotion and suddenly came upon what looked like a family picinic. This was a great find indeed. I immediately made my precence known and a few of the folks noticed me and made up to me really fast, but I found that the mom there wouldn't have anything to do with me. You see, I have since learned that she has had her heart broken many times by outside cats. She would offer them food, water, play, anything that an outside kitty would want. But several of her cats, Sassy, Punkie, and Guy, just left and didn't come back. I didn't know at that time but she told the dad that she didn't want to get attached to anymore outside cats because of the sadness that she was feeling. I'm glad I didn't know all of this because I might have decided not to even give them a try.

This is the first photo taken of me.

I decided that I liked this family and that I would hang out and try to mooch some food off of them. The mom wouldn't pay me any attention but I didn't care because there were plenty of other folks there who did. After the dad noticed me he started petting me, then he would kind of play with me, and the best yet was that, before I knew it, he brought out some food and water just for me. Well, the mom wasn't happy. She said that now that the cat was fed, it WAS HER CAT! My hears perked up when I heard that and I tried really hard not to smile.

Weaseling, I mean tugging at the dad's heart strings.

When she questioned why food was brought out for me, which I kind of thought was really rude, he explained that I was starving and pointed out that my little ribs were sticking out through my skin and fur. She noticed he was right but still wasn't sold on the idea of me hanging around. She didn't want to get attached to me. I was hoping that it was already too late for her and that she was hooked on keeping me around.

A photo taken of me trying to be as cute as I could possibly be.

The mom was sold! I was fed, named, held, and given kisses!!

It took me all of maybe several days to know that I was a shoo in and they were going to let me stay. The mom did have some rules, which included a visit to the vet, surgery so I wouldn't bring any more little kittens around once I grew up, shots to be given, and a chip put in so if I ever got lost they would have a chance of finding me again. Yes, life was good but guess what? It got better.

After my surgery, on October 15, at the vet's office it was mentioned to the mom that I cannot go outside for ten days. When I heard of this wonderful idea again I tried to keep the smile off of my face. This was the in that I needed. Now during the day I had the run of the house and at night was put in a special place so I wouldn't get into trouble. Well one thing led to another and before they even realized what was happening I was sleeping in their bed at night with them. As I mentioned before they never saw it coming. I guess you could say I have two Gotha Days! The one when I got them and the second one when it was official . . . I would be their inside kittie.

After I had spent all this time inside, the mom didn't ever want me to go outside and again many tears were coming out of her when she would think about me being outside. Also being inside gave me plenty of time to work the dad and we now have a special relationship, I have him wrapped around my cute little paws. I would like to think that the dad fell head over heals for me, but maybe he just got tired of having the mom crying about me having to go back outside. Anyway, whatever his reason was, he gave the go ahead and now I am the official inside kitty!

The rest as they say is history! I don't miss being outside at all and when the doors are open I don't try to run outside. I was so young I have forgotten about the outside and am happy to watch the outside from the inside.

I think I came along when the folks needed someone to heal their hearts from being sad about the kitties they had known but now were missing. They still miss them but I like to think that I am filling the little empty place they feel with happiness. You never forget the ones you loved when they leave you. You always remember them and go on.

We are still is on the lookout for Sassy, Guy and Punkie and hope they are safe and sound at another place. Mom says that there are plenty of farms out here and that she is sure they are mooching from someone else. This she says her heart tells her. So I think that is so.

That that's how I picked my folks and found my forever home. I am so lucky to have such a great mom, dad, and new friends that I have met while blogging.


Hansel said...

Gracie- we are trying to figure out how that thing works- we're not ignoring your comment! we will figure it out and send it to your mom. A friend put it on our blog for us- she added a lot of little graphics and things on the blog for us- even our signature! So, we will figure it out and tell you all about it! --- tesla

Cat Naps in Italy said...

That is a great story! I think you picked the right folks! first food and then a warm place to sleep, NOW THEIR BED! You did a great job of being cute!

Enjoy your new home!
Opus and Ollie

Mango said...

You sure had to work hard to convince your mom, huh? But you did it! Nothing wrong with being inside. I, myself, prefer not to leave my estate. There is plenty to see and do right at home. You are totally the cutest.


The Monkeys said...

You made the perfect choice, Gracie! We're so happy you Gotchthem!

iVintage87 said...

OH how adorable! What a great choice and great family! I understand the decision oh why you were kept Gracie..you irresistible!

The Creek Cats said...

Gracie, we loved to hear your story about how you picked your mom and dad! It put very big smiles on our faces!! You are such a cutie!

Brian said...

Sweet Gracie, I was so glad to read your story!!! You are such a special kitty, but of course you have already figured it out. My sisters and I have joined everyone else and we now have big smiles on our faces. You go girl!!!

♥Da fambly kitties♥ said...

Gracie, you are right where you beling - INSIDE. Inside kitties live about 13-18 years and outside kitties live about 3-5 years. Even inside/outside kitties don't live furry long cuz of predators and cars. So, Gracie, don't you go near any doors and if you want to see the great outdoors you just look outside a window.

Ask your momma and dadda to put a bird feeder outside of a window so you can watch birdie TV. It is really furry cool!

You are such a lucky kitten, Gracie, because so many kittens are dumped and die of starvation. We are wishing you a furry long and healthy life.

Now, the gadget our momma was talking about to your momma is a "followers" gadget. We see that your momma knows how to put gadgets in her sidebars so all she needs to do is go into the dashboard and click on "add a gadget". There will be lots to select and ask her to select "followers". That was all of us will be able to keep in touch with you really easy!

The Island Cats said...

That was a wonderful story, Gracie! We're so happy you were persistent and made those humans love you so much that they never wanted to lose you and now you are an inside kitty!!!

Asta said...

I am cwying teaws of happiness..I think you wewe sent to youw pawents..they needed you as much as you needed them.Im so happy you gotchad them. You awe bootiful and sweet and will help heal youw Mommi's heawt.
Othew fuwwkids don't get weplaced , you just add to and build on the love that was aweady thewe.Mommi still loves and thinks of and sometimes even talks to hew fuwwkids who wewe hewe befowe me..we'we all just a big family and will all see each othew some day
smoochie kisses

Cat Naps in Italy said...

I remember the day you showed up at their house. The Mom of the house was tired of having her heart broken by stray cats and so she chased you away. But like a bad penny, you turned up the next day crying a begging till the dad of the house got you some food. You must have been really cute to get HIM to feed you! Enjoy your new home and for heaven sakes, STAY IN THE HOUSE!
Opus and Ollie

The Kitty Krew said...

Awwwww, what a sweet story. We're really glad that you got the dad and finally the mom wrapped around your little paws so you could stay inside in your furever home!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Daisy said...

Thanks for sharing your great Gotcha Day story with us, Gracie! It's so neat that you have a record of your very first photo! I think you will enjoy being a pampered indoor kitty. It's the best!

CCL Wendy said...

That's a wonderful story, Gracie! You are indeed irresistable -- it was only a matter of time -- and not much time at that! LOL!

I'm so happy you found a good furever home.

Anonymous said...

Gracie, we enjoyed reading your story. It's easy to see how irresistible you were to your new human staff. We hope all of you have many many happy years together!

Derby said...

yep, you moved right in while they was thinking of something else. Way to go.

Please think about doing Blog for Peace, even being new, it is a great way to join in and meet even more kitties and beans.

Cory said...

We are all paws a clappin' around here! Nice work Gracie! You did a good job winning over your family! We loved your story.

Noir the Texas Tuxedo Tabby said...

Gracie--what a sweet, sweet story! And you're such a pretty girl! Your Mom and Dad should feel glad you picked them. Your Mom is so happy--and she didn't even see it coming!

MoMo said...

That's a wonderful, happy story. I am so glad that you have worked hard to convince the family of you place with them.

May you have many happy years with your loving family.

The Cat Realm said...

Wonderful Gracie! You got it down, girl! Worked these poor little humans like silly patty, hahahahahahahahahaha! Our Mrs. OZ never really goes out either, even with the door open all day long.
Welcome to the family, sweetie, we are happy to meet you and get to know you!
Karl, OZ, Tintin, Notty, Edna, and Coco

Parker said...

Inside is the best, trust me, I know!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

What a wonderful story!! We are so glad you found yourself such a love filled forever home!!!!

Alasandra said...

We thinks you picked a pawsome family. ~S,S,C & F

Poppy Q said...

Gracie, you look so happy sweetie. I am glad you are safe and warm in your new home.

Poppy Q

Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed reading about how you got gotted!

Junior and Orion said...

That is a great story. Meowms heart was broken when she got me. She had just lost her kitty, China, very suddenly. She says I healed her heart.

Great job on adopting your pawrents!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a wonderful story. We're so glad you won over the dad first. If you'd done the mom first, you might still be an outside kitty. Guess the dad isn't allergic to you. That's neat.

Cat with a Garden said...

Gracie, this is the most wonderful story and we think you make the pawsomest inside kitty. We are so silly, we had NO IDEA that Sassy is your big sisfur. We are so sorry about her disappearing and can only hope that with time your mommy and daddy's hearts will heal. And we know that you will help them a big deal with this.
Lots of purrs and thank you for sharing your story.
Siena & Chilli