December 31, 2009


Wishing you all the very best for the new year that is about to begin! Party hardy and stay safe.

Here are some party glasses for you to take along with you. You are welcome to take extra for your friends too.

December 28, 2009

My First Chrismouse

This is my first Chrismouse go around and I wanted to be sure to share my day with you. This was one of the most neatest ideas I have ever heard of.  My day started out with the mom and dad calling for me and when I decided that I would let them see me to my surprise there were many presents just for little old me! 

Here I am posing with all of my gifts. The mom was sitting next to me but we had to photo shop her out of the picture as . . . well . . . she just woke up . . . she is in PJs . . . anyway she agreed with me on just showing her hand not the whole self.

The mom helped put a little hole in the paper so I could open my very first ever Christmouse gift!

Surprise! So many feathers jumped out of that little package, I don't know how they all fit inside. I just loved to keep smelling the feathers. Wonderful!

Awwwwwwwww, this is so cute! I was a long time ago I was featured at LOL and there was a stuffed kittie that CCL thought looked like me. The mom found out where to order one for me as a gift. I really like my look alike kittie.

THESE ARE MY MOST FAVORITE TOYS FOR SURE!!! Sorry I yelled, I just get really excited when I see these mice. I love to run and throw them all around. There is one problem with these mice, they disappear. I have no idea nor does the mom. We have looked and looked but cannot find them. Before I got these mice for Chrismouse I should have had 29 but we only can find 6. Wonder where they go to? Maybe I am hiding them but forgetting where that place is.

The opening of the presents and attention was a lot of fun. The mom had to get pictures of every minute of things but I sure was getting sleepy. I am thinking in this photo that if I close one eye I might be able to get a half a nap in. That way she can snap all the photos that she wants.

The half a nap idea wasn't working. I decided that I would just snuggle up with the new toys and catch a full nap. The mom will just have to deal with the closed eyes.

I am sorry that I haven't been around to visiting much this last week but I gave the mom a few days off and she took advantage of that. We have had a chat and I should get some computer time today to visit with my good friends. Only time will tell.

December 25, 2009

Merry Chrismouse

Wishing all of you the Merriest of Chrismouse ever. Hope you got all that you wanted Santa Paws to bring you.

Before you leave I have a gift for you, these are my most favorite toys that I play with. I must warn you that it is really easy to loose them. I cannot figure out where they go. Please help yourself and have a fun day!!

December 24, 2009

Chrismouse Mail & Eve

This is my first go around for Chrismouse and I must say that I have been having a blast! I wanted to share my cards with you . .

. . . this is the very first mail brought to me by the mailman. It was a Chrismouse card all the way from England. Before the mom would let me open it she wanted to take a photo for my blog.

From my good friends in England, Eric & Flynn

Once I opened my envelope I found a card from Eric and Flynn. I couldn't believe my eyes that this came from way across the ocean just for little me.

The yahoo is a nice thing too, it too delivered cards to me from my friends.

Olive & Opus my Italian relatives.

Jan's Gang minus the kitties, who didn't want their photos taken.

The Cat Realm Cats!

Momo my roomate the last several weeks.

One of my oldest friend, Asta. Not that she is old it is just that we have known each other a long time.

Ginger Jasper & her folks.

Mr Hendrix & his little bean.

I must now get ready to settle down and sleep, I have heard that Santa Paws does not stop at your house if you are awake. I am not taking any chances so I am hitting the sheets early in the day. Before I do doze off to sleep I want to wish all of my dear friends a very Merry Chrismouse and hope that all you have wished for come true this Chrismouse day!

I probably won't be able to visit for a couple of days I have decided to give the mom a day or so off from having to work for me. That is my gift to her. Will miss all but soon will visit again.

December 22, 2009

Toesie Tuesday

When the mom came at me with the clickie thing this it what I had to say!


December 20, 2009


I just love being an inside kittie - life is sooooooooooooo good!!

December 18, 2009

Secret Paw

The other day a package arrived in the mail for me from my secret paw, it came all the way from New Mexico sent by Meeko and Kiara. The mom said that she would put the package under the Christmas tree and I could open it when it got closer to the big day. I didn't like this idea as I wanted to right away see what was inside. After looking as cute as I could I convinced her that I should open it asap and not wait.

You cannot imagine my excitement as I opened my package and saw so many gifts that were just for me! One of my favorites was something called cat nip. There was this mousie and some nip that went inside of it. Boy did I like that a lot. I played like I was the king of the jungle and really gave him what for, then when I got mellow I kind of loved on the mousie.

Here I am posing with all of my wonderful presents sent to me by sweet Meeko and Kiara. Notice my beautiful pink collar along with my other gifts: my favorite white mice to throw around, two brown wobbly brown balls with feathers on them, my mousie nip toy, extra nip, and a refrigerator magnet from New Mexico.

Thank you so much secret paws pals Meeko and Kiara how nice of you to send me such lovely gifts and how so nice that the mailman brought them to my house.

December 14, 2009


I'm not here today, I'm over at the auction fun raiser for Fiona. Head over there and check out all of the items waiting for your bid. All proceeds are going to help Fiona with her medical vet bills. Come on over and check things out.

December 12, 2009

Auction Fundraiser To Start Monday!

The CB VSquillions are hosting a fundraiser auction slated to start December 14 running through January 31. All proceeds will go to help pay for Fiona's medical expenses, she is having surgery the Tuesday after Christmas. There are a lot of great items on the auction block and hopefully new items will be added each week. And guess what else? I am going to be the auctioneer on this one and is looking forward to this great event!

ps: The VSquillions are not up for bids at the auction they are helping to host it.

December 11, 2009

At Last!

Exciting news today! Olive is coming to the states from Italy for a visit with Momo and me and she is stopping off in NYC to pick up Asta. Girls only visit this time.

Olive pulls the MFV in front of Asta's apartment.
Photo by Asta & Gracie

In Arizona picking up Mrs. Oz.

As a surprise for me, which I didn't find out until their arrival, Olive and Asta had heard that Mrs Oz just needed to get away from The Cat Realm for a short while. Living with all of those guys out there in Arizona I think we females can all relate to that.  Olive wasn't sure how to get back to Indiana from out west so she picked up a road atlas and was checking out the best way to get here while Asta happily started to load Mrs Oz's luggague into the MFV.

Momo & I watching the sky for the arrival of our dear friends.

Every night since Momo arrived, well over a week, we would go outside in the evenings and scan the sky to see if they were coming. I am not sure what took them so long in getting to my place, maybe Olive and Asta were up to something in NYC.

At last the MFV was spotted and you can imagine to our happy surpise seeing Mrs Oz with them, coming for a visit with us too! This is going to be one fun get together! I will have photos soon showing some of the girls only things that we were doing.

December 7, 2009

CB VSquillion Shelter Keeper & A New Sister!

I am proud, honored, and happy to announce that I am now the official CB VSquillion Shelter Keeper! You see it all started out when I contacted KC over at the VSquillion adoption shelter inquiring if I could adopt a VSquillion and was wondering when adoptions would be made available again. I mentioned that I would like to have a brother or sister and this too would honor my sister, Sassy, who I never met. I thought with the holidays and all making family the top of the priority list that this would be a good time to do this. Emails went back and forth between us and it was proposed and accepted that I be the CB VSquillion Shelter Keeper.

Snowflake Squillion 2009

You can see in the first photo that we have plenty of cute VSquillions just waiting to find a new home and there is even a special holiday Snowflake Squillion available for adoption December 1-December 31 only.

This is a photo Momo took of me inside the shelter. I was making sure that all the VSquillions were settled in after having been with me the whole day while I was in training. There is a lot to know and learn at the shelter and the VSquillions were very cooperative working with me and helping me out with all of my questions I had for them.

Even though I didn't want to leave because I was having so much fun Momo convinced me that we would be back in the morning so we headed outside and she took this photo of me outside of the adoption shelter.

If you are interested in adopting a VSquillion head on over to the shelter and check things out. You will find all kinds of valuable information such as the process, history, and the names of all of the adoptees.

I can hardly wait until my training is over

ps: Meet Pearl she is my new sister. My VSquillion adoption has been processed and she is here! I have a sister!! Pearl is getting settled in right now in her new home and later I will post more and let you know more about her.

December 3, 2009

LOL Kittie

Since Momo arrived for her visit with me we have just been taking things easy. We are getting to know each other, watching tv with the folks, getting lots of naps, and most importantly keeping up with our blogs and emails. Yesterday I received some most exciting news from CCL Wendy at LOL/Spot. The message read like this "Hi Gracie--it's me again! Your LOLs are up on the LOL Spot already!"

You can imagine my surprise because earlier in the day I had asked CCL Wendy about being on her blog. I had no idea that it would be so soon. I am so honored that CCL Wendy featured me today on her blog with a bio, photos, and funny saying under each. My mom doesn't know how she can keep coming up with the cute sayings. The last photo was of me and a cute little plush kittie toy that looks like me. I must find where the store is that sells it and buy it.

Thank you Wendy for doing this for me. The mom is showing all of her friends and Momo and I . . . well . . . we keep going back and rereading it.

I am so excited about this! I am now an LOL kittie!!

ps: Momo and I will be unavailable for the next few days, will fill you in later. Love to all!!

December 1, 2009

The Arrival

I am hosting my good friend Momo for a visit at my place. You see I found out not too long ago that her SS, servant and slave, was going away for several weeks leaving her all alone. We both decided that it would be the purrrfect time to have her fly over to the states and we could get to know each other better.

Momo was to arrive on Monday but with the holiday travelers flights were bumped and delayed. Finally Momo arrived one day later than planned. At the airport  I had a sign with me so she would be able to recognize me. We had no trouble finding each other and exchanged hugs, kisses, and gifts at our first face to face meeting.

Coming in so late and knowing that Momo would be tired I headed straight to my house. We did a little girl talk, played, ate, and then decided to try and take a cat nap.

We will be having so much fun while we are together. Momo doesn't know it yet but there is a surprise coming up in the next couple of days for her. I know she will like it.

Check back to see what we will be up to.