April 22, 2010

A Contest At JFF

April 26 is National Kids and Pet day so Jan's Funny Farm is hosting a contest, there will be a drawing of all that have entered to find the winner, over at her place to help out Chicken Soup For The Pet Lovers Soul.  Click on her name and go over to find out what the rules are.  I am entering the contest and this post is my entry. Wish me luck. Here goes . . .

Most of my friends know that there is a beautiful wonderful grand daughter in the family that comes to visit us. The above photo was taken on the day . . . well . . . let's just say . . . she was young and I was little . . . she was bothering me a lot . . . I didn't want to be bothered all the day long . . . and well . . . as mentioned in my October 23 post . . . well . . . I swatted her . . . I didn't mean too . . . she wasn't hurt . . . I felt bad . . . we made up and now we understand each other.

When the sweet one visits she doesn't chase me as much as she used to. Her grandma, my mom, explained to her that if she gave me my space I would sooner or later come out and let her see me. If she leaves me alone and not bother me too much I will finally come out of hiding and let her hold me. With this new understanding we now do lots of fun things together like watching tv on the bed. Another fun thing to do is when she is playing with her baby dolls I join in on the fun. You see she has a little toy bunk bed set that used to belong to her aunt and is allowed to play with it. Well I jump in the top bunk and take a little cat nap. But the number one most favorite thing I really enjoy are the treats. She likes giving me treats and I get them throughout the day. Yeahhhhhhh!

Another important thing she does that I really like is when I want to get down or away from her she let's me leave. She doesn't hold onto me making me stay. We love each other to bunches. Both of us are older now and enjoy our visits together. I always lookforward to her visits. Oh, I don't even think about swatting her anymore. We are best buds!

April 9, 2010

Back To Normal

This past week has been so unusual at my place. There was all kinds of company coming and going for the whole week. So much going on it was hard to find any quiet time. At long last, that is my thinking not the mom here, everyone has gone back to their own homes and things are back to normal here.  I time this morning to plan out my schedule of activities for today. Today included two things for me to do . . .

. . . sleep under the bed with my toesies sticking out. I decided to do that so the mom would know where I am at . . .

. . . the second thing I did was to turn over and stick my little face out into the sunlight that would soon find me Yeah! Back to normal and loving it!!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter with your family and friends.

April 1, 2010

Bad/Sad News

You are probably wondering why I am beating up on the mom. Well let me tell you. First you must make sure that you are sitting down this is serious. If you are wearing socks this news might knock them right off of you. She is pulling the plug on my blog! Yes, you read that right. She was mumbling something about taking up too much time bla, bla, bla, bla. I decided to take matters into my own fangs and let her know what I thought about this. Not much I must say. Try with all of my might I don't think I got her to see things my way. Waaaaah, waaaaaaaaah, waaaaah!

Anyway I shall miss all of you sooooo much. You are all dear to me. Waaah, waaaaaah, waaaaaah! Does anyone have an extra box of tissues they can spare? WAAAAAAAAAH!