September 30, 2012


Mom just doesn't get it! She says I laze around in the sun spots just about every day and catch many zzzzzs. She doesn't realize that to me there is just something special about SUNday making those zzzzzs extra extra nice . . .

. . . now please mom go away from me with the clickie thinking, you are disturbing me. Didn't you hear about the state law that said "No photos are to be taken on SUNday"? . . . Sorry that isn't the truth . . . is it a sin to lie? Is it a really bad sin if it is SUNday and one lies? Please forgive me, I won't do that again, not telling a lie to the mom. But then again sometimes a sweet kittie like me has to protect myself if something is amiss in the house and a sweet innocent look (lie) works . . . but I shall not lie to lie on SUNday. How about try not to lie?

MOM!! Hey mommie, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, mummy please find someone else to bother! Hope you are all having a nice day!

September 27, 2012

Our Covered Bridge

Our local covered bridge was under attack by a semi truck!!!!
Our local covered bridge, built in 1873, had a semi truck go all the way through it causing $100,000 in damages . . . 

The driver of the semi said his GPS took him that way. Of course, he didn't stop when he heard the first crashing of wood but kept on driving through then tried to get away from the accident.  Oh did I forget to mention that the truck exceeded the height limit on the bridge? I don't get this at all??!! . . .

The driver of the semi was arrested on a felony charge of criminal mischief. We had heard from the local residents that the driver tried to flee the scene and had no license. Lucky for the community because someone saw the accident and followed the truck and he was caught. Today structural engineers were contacted to assess the condition of the bridge.

We are in disbelief about this happening? Mom said if she read this in a book she wouldn't think it was a good book because that would be something soooooooo stupid no one would do that, guess she is wrong on that thinking. I guess truth is stranger than fiction.

September 25, 2012

Tuesday Toesies

There they all are~four toesies!!

September 21, 2012

~Dear Tamir~

Dear Tamir,
  Yesterday was a terrible sad day for me as I learned that you had gone to the bridge. The tears from the mom here won't stop and my heart is so heavy with sadness as I think of you.  I cannot put into words how much you meant to me and I am so happy that we had this time together. I will always love you and treasure our times together, though our time was too short.

 I have been talking with your mommie and she wanted me to post our priate photos because we had such a fun time that day. So I am doing so today. Also, I am going to post the photos of us scouting the Austraila trip that we were planning. It was so nice of you to come along and help me out with the details of this trip. I am glad we went early otherwise we would have missed out on a fun times together . . .

Thinking of my love, he will never be far from my thoughts

~Because Poppy Vic went to the bridge I didn't post our Priates Day Photos~
Tamir's Mommie wanted me to post them so you could see how much fun we had.

Shiver me timbers, it's pirate's day!
Tamir & Gracie
This is one of my most favorite days of the year!! Meow Like a Pirate Day!!. Tamir and I are ready to take this day by storm . . .
His & Her Pirate Ships
Tamir and I are on our ships, I am captain of mine and he is captain on his. We have his and her pirate ships. By having two ships this increases our chances of getting a heads up for finding burried treasure . .
Following my sweet Tamir to find treasure
I am following Tamir onto a beach . . . I heard him say that he knew there was a burried treasure here for sure . . wish us luck . . . 
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr, it be four bells . . . hey does anyone even know what that means???
~Here are the photos of Tamir and I in Australia. We headed over to check out locations for our trip that is coming up. So glad we had this extra time together.~
Ride Baby Ride!!
We had a blast surfing the fine waters of Australia! Just notice how fast Tamir was speeding through the water! He was going so fast his swimming cap almost flew off of his sweet head. We, as you can see, we had extra company join us, Nemo and his friends caught and road the many waves with us.
Quiet time on the beach.
Well as you can see our surfing came to a quick close. We were in the water having fun when Joey, our friend in the left of the photo, tweeted us out of the water with his whistle. Sharks had been spotted in the water so we had to get out, which we were more than happy to do so. We quickly headed to the beach and had a picinic. Joey joined us and was giving us tips on where we should visit when we return in October.
Tamir~Love you furever and remember you always. 
. . .  Tamir, I will miss you each and every day.  Thank you for being a part of my life. My sweet one you have stolen a piece of my heart and it will furever have a hole in it. As time goes by the that hole will fill up with all our memories of the good times that we shared and the tears will not be so many as now when I see your photo or hear your name. I will not say good bye but until we meet again my sweetie pie. Thank you for being in my life.

September 19, 2012

Poppy Vic

My heart is heavy with sadness as this morning I found out that Poppy Vic has left us. Please pray for Ann, the family, friends, and all that knew and loved Vic. So sad.

September 17, 2012

2012 Blogosphere Trip Destination

It's done! The drawing has been completed and we have our destination for our 2012 trip!
I will take you through the process and give hints as to where we are headed . . . no peeking to the end . . .
. . . Mom helped me with the drawing. We carefully checked the list and made sure there was a slip of paper for each suggestion for our destination . . . the strips were then cut into small pieces and a glass bowl was brought over by mom, though I didn't know why as there was no kittie foods in it . . .

. . . I tried the think method but it wasn't working . . . so . . .

. . . Mom put the slips of paper into the bowl, mixed them all up, and pulled one out . . . done! Now I could just tell you what was on the paper but I feel like playing a little guessing game with you today . . . Get ready here is the first hint . . .

. . . flag of the country . . . do you know which country this flag flies over? How about another clue?

A map of our country of choice . . . now you know right? Don't feel bad if you don't if I didn't know myself I am not sure I would have the correct guess yet. If not keep reading to find out more clues or find out if your guess is correct . . .

. . . wow, this is a fun game don't you think? OK more clues . . .

. . . this one could make you second guess your first guess . . .

. . . I will let you now get a little peek at the paper . . . ahhhhh now you know it starts with the letter A. That certainly narrows the guessing field . . .clue time . .

. . . thinking these two happy kangroos could be our tour guide? . . .  Do you know yet? . . .

. . . yep, AUSTRALIA here we come!!! A great trip awaits us!!!

Take poster with you for your sidebar to let all of your friends know about the trip!!

I am giving our humans plenty of time to get photo ready for the trip. If you would like to participate in the 2012 Blogosphere trip you can do so and link over to my place during our travel days or if you want you may email me one photo, along with your name, and link to your blog and I will post at my place. I will need the photos no later than October 11 so my mom will be able to gt all of you on board. Mom is going to make a travel badge and send out to those that join me on this trip. Oh what fun we will have!!

Here are a couple of travel books for you to take with you to help with your trip planning.

This will be a fun trip and hope you will join me on this fun adventure. Now if you don't mind I am a little tired so I will catch some zzzzzs and dream about our fantastic trip that awaits us.

September 15, 2012

CATurday Saying~Consciousness

Consciousness: That annoying time between naps.

September 13, 2012

2012 Blogosphere Trip

I am getting ready to do the drawing to see where we are heading for our 2012 Blogosphere trip. As you can see I typed the names on the computer and the mom put the names on paper. Later today I will draw out one and there will be where we will be heading. I would like to inform everyone on our destination and when we will be leaving over the weekend or on Monday.

Start packing early so you will be ready to head out too.

September 9, 2012


Having the bestest of the best Sunday times!! The whole family is here! My human sister, my human brother and all of his famiy, and my daddie's cousin!!

Enjoyng being with my granbean. She does all kinds of neat things. I especially enjoy it when she gives me extra treats . . . and

. . . lots snuggle time!!!

Hope you are all having a fun relaxing SUNday time.

September 6, 2012

Blogosphere Trip 2012

As you can see the mom and I are working on the 2012 Blogosphere Trip. We had many great suggestions on where to travel and the next step is finding that purrrfect destination. I will put all the suggestions into a bowl and have a drawing. The one pulled will be our destination. I want to have this done in the next couple of days but you know the mom here. I will let everyone know on CB the where and when as soon as work is done here. Below is a listing of our choices made by our friends:

Alaska ~ Andrea & The Celestial Kittens & Cherry City Kitties
Amsterdam ~ Asta
Australia ~ Alexi, Brian, Cory, Mango, Mr. Puddy, Hanna & Lucy
Buneos Aires ~ Karl
Canadian Rockies ~ (A)FFS & Alasandra
Carmer, CA (Monterey, Pacific Coast, Big Sur ~ Katie & Glory
Catmandu ~ Tommie
Easter Island ~ Oui Oui
French Riviera ~ Katie Isabella
Iceland ~ Garth
Paris ~ Tamir
Rome ~ Avalons Garden & Meowsings of Garden Cottage
United Kingdom ~ The Furries of Whisppy

Visit Au & Target ~ Au & Target (does anyone know where they live?)
World Tour ~ Start in NY, London, Paris, Cairo, Dehli, Synday, Tokyo, Rio de Janerio ~Derby

Father Tom will go wherever we go but also thought Australia Or Easter Island would be fun

As you can see we have many suggestions and each one will be counted. I will put Australia in the drawing 6 times, that is only fair.

Start packing cause we should be on our way soon.

September 1, 2012

Where In The World?

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go . . . I'm leavin' on a jet plane I don't know when I'll be back again."

Oh yes, that is a great song and has inspired me to take  a trip. I remember that last year I had so much fun when you all joined me in Bora Bora. I was thinking that this year I would have you all leave me comments on where you would like to go on this year's trip. I will take all of your suggestions and put into a box and draw out one piece of paper, that will be our destination. I will then let you all know where and when we are going. Are you in or out?

Just leave a comment on where you would like this year's trip to be. I will be taking suggestions until September 5 at midnight. I will announce where the trip will be and when, I will give you plenty of time to have your folks work on your photos. You can send me your photos and I will post or you can post at your place and link to me when we are at our destination. If we have half of the fun that we had last year in Bora Bora then I say now rest up so you will be ready to party.

Oh what fun we will have.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
ps: Head over to the Tabby Cat Club on Sunday to see how some of our tabbies are going to spend their Labor Day Weekend.  As you can see from the photo below my mancat, Tamir and I are on a Disney Cruise.