March 31, 2010

March 27, 2010

Caturday Saying

Friends Are Connected Heart To Heart
Distance And Time Can't Break Them Apart.

I haven't been visiting much because the mom is working for me over at the shelter and also the auction. I think of you and when things slow down a little will stop over for some visiting.

March 24, 2010

The Mad Catter

Hansel's Week #2 Fund-Rasier Auction March 24-31 is a mad one!
The kitties have taken over and some think the auctioneer has gone mad!!

I'm not mad! I am hosting a week long tea party and everyone is invited!

Invitation by Zoolarty

Stop by the auction and put in your bid for some of the neatest things a kittie would want.

Feel free to post the invitation over at your place and send to all of your friends.
See you there.
Don't be late like the white rabbit always is.

March 21, 2010


Sunday is the day of rest.

March 19, 2010

The Clothes Closet

Friday is usually the day of the week when the big cleaning gets done in the house so things can get kind of noisey at home with the sucker machine howling. I found a really nice out of the way place to hang out and get away from the racket. It is called a clothes closet.

The closet is situated way away from the main part of the house and when you are inside of it you feel like you are in a bank vault.  The second best thing, the first is the quiet, is the heater register that is on the floor. The warm air comes out oh sooooooo nice and warm it just makes you feel all lazy.

While the mom is working away cleaning the most work you will see out of me in here is when I have to move just a tiny bit to get a little more comfy than I was a second before.

Once I find the purrrfect position it is then time to enjoy the quiet of and get xome zzzzzs if I can. I recommend that your check out the closet at your place.

March 17, 2010

Hansel Fund-Raiser Auction Today!

Today is the start of Hansel's Fund-Raiser Auction over at the CB auction blog. The auction will run for two weeks as we try to raise money to help Hansel out on his big vet bill. The auction will run this Wednesday to next Wednesday ending at midnight eastern day light savings time. The following week we will have new items to put on the block again.

I would like to take this time to thank all that have helped with the auction in any way. Your donations, bidding, behind the scenes are so greatly appreciated. We could not help out those that are in need without all of the good furries that come through when needed.

See you over at the auction. Oh, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

March 14, 2010

All Is Well

Now at long last things are back to normal at my place. I have had a very different week and didn't care for it so much. You see the mom and dad took a spring break, whatever that is, and were gone for awhile.

I didn't know some of the words they were using such as, spring break, Colorado, extra food for Gracie, home alone, etc. Good thing that I didn't know what they were up to.  I watched them as they put a bunch of their things in something that they called a suitcase then pulled it out to the car and loaded it inside. I then noticed that two big bowls of kittie food and water were in the kitchen for me. Little did I know that it had to last me for several days. Yep, they left me all alone for five days! Do you believe that! You have no idea how unfair I thought this was! I started to make plans for when they did come back that I might not ever forgive them for this. That would show them!

After what I thought was a long time I heard voices of the mom and dad outside and soon the front door opened. They had finally decided to come back home! The mom came into the house quickly and scooped me up in her arms and showered me with kisses and hugs. I even think that I saw some tears in her eyes as she was telling me how much she missed me. The dad was really happy to see me too and we spent a lot of time in the easy chair watching television together while he kept petting me. Wow, that sure felt nice.

Since they have been home I have been sleeping oh so close to the mom. I won't let her roll over that I don't jump on the side of her that she is laying on and make her hold me while she sleeps. Yes, it is great to all be back together again. I have almost forgotten that they went away and left me alone. Most important of all is that I have forgiven them for being gone but I am keeping a lose eye on them making sure they don't pull this again on me. 

All is well once again. Gee, I love my mom and dad bunches!

March 13, 2010

St Patrick's VSquillions!

 I haven't been able to visit around this week and want to let you know how sorry I am about that but you see I have been busy at the CB VSquillion Shelter. We have a litter of St. Patrick's VSquillions that have arrived and all are wanting to find a nice loving home to belong to. If you would like to make an adoption head over to the shelter and put in your request!

March 11, 2010

House Trashing Party!

What: House Trashing Party!
Where: My Place
When: Thursday & Friday

I have decided after much thought to host a trashing party at my place. That will show the mom and dad for dumping me all week because of spring break. 

I have been checking through all of the trash bags I can find to make sure there is enough for all to make a big mess at my place.

You are welcome to stay as long as you like and to make as big of a mess that you can.
Are you in our out?

March 7, 2010

Small Places

Why Do Cats Like Small Places?

The mom purchased a really good book about kitties and it has a lot of information on why the kitties do what we do and why. I have decided to share this book with you and will be doing posts in the future that will help the humans understand us a little better. The name of the book is Why Cats Do That: A Collection Of Curious Kitty Quirks by Karen Anderson.

"Cats are fond of closet shelves, drawers, baskets, boxes, and other hideaways because they feel snug and protected in smaller, defined places . . . A cat who is especially fearful or upset might be found under beds and sofas-the harder to reach, the better."

" Kitty's love of cramped quarters is why cats don't mind cat carriers. From the cat's point of view, if the humans insist on hauling them to the dreaded vet and back, please let it be in a sturdy, secure carrying case. It is the unusual cat who prefers to roam the inside of a car and kitty usually ends up under the seat anyway."

Now some of your kitties don't like the carrier because you are sooooo smart that you remember that this means a trip to the vet doctor. That is why you will become fearful and find that safe hiding place where the mom or dad cannot get you. Never go to the vet without giving the folks a battle first.

I hope you liked this information and it helps your humans who don't know everything that they should know about the raising of a kittie. My next post from this wonderful book will be about why kitties like high places.

Happy hiding!