December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone and your loved the best for the new year that is soon to start.

Head on over to the Tabby Cat Club and join on the fun with the New Year's party that is going on through this whole evening. Everyone is welcome.

December 28, 2014

Purrs Needed

Purrs Needed
The last few days we have had many of our friends ill and have had some running off to the bridge.
Please keep all those with ill health in your purrs and offer words of comfort to those that have left us.

 Cody has been seeing the vet and not feeling well. He is home now but more tests are needed and will be done this week. Please keep him in your purrs.
 Flynn is very ill and been seeing the vet. He is in need of lots of purrs.

Joe got hurt when a pack of wild dogs got into the field where he lives. He got tangled up in the wire fencing and got cut very badly. Purrs are needed that Joe will recover from his injuries.
Two New Angels

Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us everyday.
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still Loved, and still missed
and forever dear

Derby was helped to cross to the bridge as renal failure set in. Please send words of comfort.

Jade has run off to the bridge and kind words and comfort will be needed for Jade's family and friends.

December 25, 2014

Season's Greetings


Anya and I are sending you and your family holiday wishes from across the miles.
Wishing you all peace, love, and happiness.

December 11, 2014

Cat Scout Thankful Thursday

So many things to be thankful for and at the top of my list is Cat Scouts ! To name a few of the fun things that we do is gathering around the campfire with our fellow scouts: working on earning our merit badges, parties, travel, quests, and jamborees. One of the best parts of being in scouts is sharing the fun with my besties Raz and Sammy.

Flag Presentation
l-r: Mauricio, Allie, Tubby Gracie, & Anya

There are ranks within scouts participation and earning your merit badges help towards advancing through those ranks. I am proud and happy to say I have achieved the highest rank, Sabbertooth Tiger, what an honor in a ceremony after the Jamboree. Also, promoted was Raz, Sammy, Mauricio, and Nibbler.
Denmaster Karen Nichols
Heading up Cat Scouts is our Denmaster. She keeps us moving and on our toes at scouts. She is always looking for new kitties to join up so if you are interested head on over to Cat Scouts and sign up. We would love to have you.

Our secretaries l-r: Sammy's mom, Raz's mom, & my mom
Our Denmaster awarded a Certificate of  Appreciation which we presented them to our moms. Sammy, Raz, and I thought it would be fun make a group photo of the moms and their certificats, Sammy made the photo of us, and today we all are posting our appreciation posts for our moms. Without the many hours of dedication on helping us get to scouts and working for us we would be lost without our moms. Thanks again! xoxoxo

December 10, 2014

Fun Photos

It's fun photo day at the Tabby Cat Club.

Love the wrapping paper and ribbon!

Head over to the Tabby Cat Club to see more fun photos.

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

~ Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ~

November 23, 2014

Sunday Selfie

It's Selfie Sunday hosted by Mauricio

Now where is that camera lens?


November 20, 2014

Angel Ruis

~Run free dear friend. Until we meet again.~
Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us everyday.
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still Loved, and still missed
and forever dear.

It is with a very heavy heart that my dear friend Ruis has left for the bridge. Ruis was a great friend to many and though the last several years he did not blog much he was in the hearts of many.

Please leave your message to Ruis here and I will let his mom know to stop by.

November 4, 2014

Dona Nobis Pacem

~Dona Nobis Pacem~
I wish and pray that the world could get along as one.
Bonded in Peace!

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone is having a fun filled day.
Stop over to the Tabby Cat Club for our Halloween Party.
Everyone is invited.
Hey! Hey! Someone is standing on my tail would you mind moooooving off of it please?

October 27, 2014

Let The Games Begin

Today we dedicate today as Highland Games to Kayla, her family, and friends.
Click on link to go to Kayla's blog:
Anya, my niece, and I are participating in the Caber Toss hosted by Sammy.
To see the Caber Toss event click on link:

  For information of today's event go to  Mollie and Alfie’s you’ll see the WHOLE list of fun stuff for today - CLICK HERE!

October 19, 2014

Happy Tocktober Day!

Happy Birthday Day Derby and Happy Tocktober Day too!!

October 16, 2014

Niagara Falls Day Two

Annual Blogosphere Trip
Day Two
2014 Niagara Falls
Hosted by Gracie, Raz, & Sammy

Day two at the falls is soon to begin. The girls decided that there is so much to do at and around the falls we would spend our second day there too. We will catch up with the boys and see what they are up to.
OMC! What a view. Unless you are in the falls I don't think you can get any closer than you are if you are in this spot on the observation deck. It was very loud and wet.

Gracie & Raz
After we left the observation deck we took the tour and went under the falls. Yes! Under the falls. You could almost not hear yourself talk because of the roar of the water going over the falls.

In the afternoon I took some time out just to enjoy the beauty of the falls. It would soon be time to leave and I wanted every moment I could get being by the falls.

Raz & Gracie by the falls

Raz and I were wondering what the others were doing. I asked Raz if he had seen Sammy lately but he had not. Soon we caught a glimpse of something going over the falls, it looked like a barrel. Who would be in a barrel going over the falls?
Oh nooooooooooooo it's Sammy. Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk
Splash down and good news is it looks like Sammy is alright. Lucky Allie and Anya were on the Maid of the Mist ride and saw him land in the water. The captain of the boat headed over to him and pulled him to safety.
We all headed back to the hotel to make sure Sammy was OK and to help dry him off. We all packed and will soon head down for the bus ride back home. Anya and I look one last moment of the view of the falls from our room.
Sammy was not hurt in anyway from his ride over the falls and was ready to drive us all back to the states.

Hope you all had a fun time at Niagara Falls.

October 15, 2014

Niagara Falls 2014 Bolgosphere Trip

Annual Blogosphere Trip
2014 Niagara Falls
Hosted by Gracie, Raz, & Sammy

Back l-r: Anya, Allie, & Gracie
Front l-r: Madi, Raz, & Sammy
One of my most favorite days of the year is the annual Blogosphere Trip. This year Raz and Sammy are helping to host this fun event and we are heading to Niagara Falls. Sammy picked us up this morning and we made a stop at a really neat store to pick out some barrels to take with us.

Sammy has agreed to drive us all there in his tour bus. Here is a photo of our wonderful bus driver taking us over the Ambassador Bridge by Detroit, Michigan. You can see we are about to enter Canada.
After stopping at customs before we could enter Canada to show the border patrol workers out passports we then headed towards the falls. The closer we got the more excited we all became. While driving us to the hotel Sammy drove down Falls Avenue. He pointed out the falls straight ahead of us. This was the first time for me to ever see Niagara Falls!

Marriott Fallsview, Canada
We checked in at the hotel and dropped off our suitcases and immediately we all went down to the falls to check things out.
l-r: Gracie, Anya, Raz, Sammy, & Allie
The falls were beautiful! It just took my breath away. It was everything I imagined it would be and more. We did notice a sign . . . hum . . . maybe we should not have brought our barrels with us.

l-r: Sammy, Allie, Anya, Gracie, Raz, & Madi
We all agreed that the first thing we wanted to do was take a ride on the Maid of the Mist. Before we put on our rain gear we took a group photo on the front of the boat.

The view from the boat was beautiful though very wet as we got closer to the falls.

l-r: Allie, Gracie, Madi, & Anya
After the Maids of the Mist ride we headed back to our room so we could dry off and get something to eat. We will make plans on what we want to do tomorrow.

Hope you are having a fun time here at Niagara Falls.

October 12, 2014

2014 Blogosphere Information

l-r: Gracie, Anya, Raz, Sammy, & Allie

It's almost time for the annual Blogosphere Trip.
Everyone is invited to join in the fun.
Raz, and Sammy will be cohosting this year's trip.
Hope to see you there with your photos of your trip.
Also feel free to take copies of the photos below and add yourself in them.
Hotel we will be staying at.
Marriott Falls View
Room #1
Room #3

Maid of the Mist

Hope to see you at Niagara Falls.
Second day of the trip is spent doing whatever you would like.

September 21, 2014

My Blogoversary

Thanks to me dear friend Sammy for REMINDING MY MOM THAT TODAY IS BY BLOGOVERSARY!

From Sammy
Thank you Sammy

Sorry for yelling but mom really, really, really you forgot! Anyway, I started blogging back in 2009 and have met many dear friends. Everyone that I have met has touched my life in a special way. Though I have not been visiting very much lately, it's the mom don't ask, I still think of you. Mom has been trying to let me visit a little more. Some of my friends ran off to the bridge and my heart still and always will hold a place for them. I have been on many adventures in the Blogosphere and actually the fourth Blogosphere trip is being planned right now, Sammy and Raz will be helping me to host this. Details will be sent out soon so be on the lookout.

I want to share some of my favorite photos of the fun times I have had . . .

Surfing with my sweet Angel Tamir.
Though our time was too short how happy I am that he came into my life and we had some wonderful memories together.
Part of the Royal Family
Liz and I are such dear friends, they are like family to me. Quiet often we get together, sometimes I bring the folks along with me.
Gracie & Tubby at the Sock hop.
l-r: Sammy, Sunday, Gracie, Tubby, Anya, Raz, Madi, Mauricio, & Allie
Soda Shop Fun
Gracie & Anya, my niece
We are coming or going on another adventure. The sky is the limit!
I have decided that there are too many photos to choose to show and mom is not clever enough to do a slide show so how about we get right to things and have a party?
Appetizers & Horderves
Mice Cheese & Crackers
Pineapple Fish Kabobs
Mice Grilled Seasoned Chicken Drummies
Mice Baked Potato
Mice Chocolate Truffles
Mouse Cupcakes
Thanks for coming by it is always fun to see you.
Take a couple of books with you and a blankie when you head for home.
Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my blogoversary.
ps: Just wanted you all to know that I do love my mommie soooooooo much. Ignore me yelling and stuff. My bad.