July 23, 2010

Maxie's Auction

Don't waste any time here!
 Head over to the auction and check out all of the fantastic items up for bidding.
There is something for everyone.
All the $$$ raised will go to help Maxie pay for his vet bills.
The vet made a mistake while Maxie was there for treatment
 and now he, the vet, wants lots of $$$$.

The photo contest winners will be announced on July 25.

Again thanks to everyone that has helped!!

July 18, 2010

July 15, 2010

Mommie's Birthday

Today is my mommie's birthday! Now I know I tease her about being older than old but she doesn't mind. She always says that it is better to have a birthday once a year then not be around to have one. I had not thought of it that way before so I am hoping that she has many, many, many more birthdays to celebrate. You go mom!

I offered to take her anywhere she wanted to go, throw a party, go shopping, take in a movie, to do whatever she wanted as it is her special day to do anything that she wants. She thought things over and both of us liked the idea she had . . .

. . . she has decided this year to have a quiet day spending it with her grandbean and family. The day will be spent going out for brunch, playing with the grandbean mostly in the nice cool water and I think I heard the word nap in there somewhere. Dinner out is certainly in the works and whatever falls inbetween. Of course, she and I will have our special quiet time together. And you might ask what my gift to mom is? I am giving her all of my time today that she wants for us to snuggle down together. I will let her pick me up whenever she wants to, hold me for as long as she wants, kiss me all over my head and not run away, and come when she calls my name. I know she will like my gifts to her! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMIE!!!!

July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

Wishing everyone a happy, fun, safe, & well fed Fourth of July!!