May 27, 2011

Holiday Cheers!

Wishing everyone a safe holiday weekend filled with fun, friends, family, and food.
Many plans have been made and I am no exception. I say if the folks want to have their play time I can too. This photo will give you a big guess at what I am gong to be doing. I will have photos next week showing you the details. Wish me luck.

Be safe!

May 24, 2011

Tuesday Toesies

Tuesday toesies & everything in between

May 22, 2011

SUNday & Monday

I thought today I would get caught up on my paper work. There is so much to do that I really don't know where to start.
Oh well, I am thinking I will have to ponder this for a little while I take a little cat nap before I start.

Photo by Zoolatry

After a nice restful SUNday I am heading over to my dear friend KC's place to wish the mom, ML, a Happy Birthday!!

May 17, 2011

Chicago & Oprah

After having a big birthday bash at Sweet Barney's yesterday we took some time off for ourselves. Last night we had a romantic dinner and drink at the top of the Hancock building. See yesterday's post for photo. Today we headed out into the city and checked out Milleuium Park enjoying some of the nice weather while it lasted. Too much rain happening but we did manage to find some rays for a few minutes.

Our next stop was at Harpo Studios to visit with Oprah. Yep, you read tht right. We have been invited to be interviewed by her. She is ending her show on May 25 and wanted to be sure to have us on before it was too late. We had to wait outside for a while until the gate was opened for us to go inside the studio.

Both of us were a little overwhelmed from the cheering of the studio audience plus actually meeting Oprah but right away she put us both at easy ending our case of the nerves. The topic of talk today was can long distance dating work. You see Oprah is in a relationship and many times is apart from Stedman and knew that Barney and I also were in a relationship and having to be apart too. We took many calls from phone in viewers and also questions from the studio audience. Both Barney and I are proof, as Oprah and Stedman, that this can work. Though being together all the time would be better. We were both proud to be part of the last tapings of Oprah's show. What an honor.

All good things must come to an end and now it was time for me to head back home. Barney took me to O'Hare Airport and watched as I went through security. Oprah has paid for me to fly home first class. I sat in my seat looking out the window knowing that I would soon return to this beautiful city for more adventures with my Sweet Barney.

As I flew over the city I looked down knowing that I wouldn't see Barney but knew that he was down there somewhere. Oh, how I miss him already. I am already planning our next visit, maybe he will even travel to my place though there isn't as much to do there as there is in Chicago. As the city got smaller the more the plane headed east I settled back in my seat and thought of the wonderful times we had celebrating his second birthday.

Until next time my Sweet Barney, see you soon!

May 16, 2011

Barney's Birthday

Celebrating my Sweetie Pie Barney's birthday in Chicago. Today he is two years old and what a party he is throwing. The great news is that everyone is invited! Hope you can make it. Bring along a friend or two with you. After the party is over I am treating Barney to a romantic dinner at the top of the Hancock building. I am going to the party early and staying late.

Oh, what a fun day we all will have!!! See you there!!!!

May 15, 2011


Is she really doing this to me my own mom? Oh really! I am wondering what part about I am resting that she doesn't get!
Seriously, cannot she see by the look on my sweet face that I just need to be left alone? You all see it don't you? I am thinking she just doesn't get it. Does she have to have a house fall on her to get the message?
If she would just be nice enough tomove a little closer I could give her a big swat in the head. That might get my point across. But then I am thinking that might not be a good idea so maybe I could just grab the camera out of her hands and that could end the photo session that she is having. This shouldn't even be a problem today after all it's SUNday, my special day of rest.

Better yet, I think I will just ignore her and not try to look so cute. She will tire of that soon and then go away. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to train her on this camera thing???? I need to get my rest today because I am going to my Sweetie Pie Barney's birthday party tomorrow. Oh, you are invited too.

May 1, 2011

Rembering Sassy

Remembering the kittie before me, Sassy.
I never knew her but the mom talks about her many times.
She is missed and can bring the tears to the mom's eyes.
You are never far away from our thoughts.
See you someday Sassy and we can run and play together then.