December 25, 2013

Holiday Cheer

Sending Holiday Cheers & Blessing to you, your family, and loved ones!

December 14, 2013

Let It Snow

Today is the first measurable snowfall of year at my place.

You can see that I am taking advantage of our snow day by hang out and catching some much needed zzzzs. I am laying on my really soft blankie right next to mom's chair. Oh it gets better than this . . .

. . . you see my blankie is placed over the heat register that is on the floor. The mom here knows just how to take such good care of me. I am going to really enjoy this weekend as I have heard that the folks are going no where today and tomorrow. Yeah! I say bring o the snow.

Have a safe and restful weekend.

December 10, 2013

Yoga Day

It's Yoga Day at the Tabby Cat Club today!

December 8, 2013

Zoolatry Advent

Graphic by Zoolatry

I want to thank my dear friend Ann at Zoolatry for featuring me at her blog today for her Advent. I am so honored and so proud that Ann is a dear friend of mine. I also want to thank her for my beautiful Christmas background, header, and profile photo. If you are needing a new look for the holiday time head on over and Ann will fix you up.

Thanks Ann for all you do!!!!!

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you, your loved ones, your family, & friends a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

November 25, 2013

Soft Tabby (Kittie) Songs

Graphic by Willow & Dexter

The Tabby Cat Club is having a fun event today hosted by Dexter and Willow: Soft Tabby (Kittie) songs with photos. You will just love the little ball of fur photos!

November 18, 2013

Movember Moustache

It's Movember Moustache day at the Tabby Cat Club
Come on over and check things out!

November 15, 2013

Cat Scouts Cardboard Derby Day

Thanks to my adoptive brother, Raz, I am now a Cat Scout. Raz invited me to join up with Cat Scouts and the Worldwide Wildcat Troop. Today the scouts are hosting a Cardboard Derby activity. Check out all the next derby cars that are participating.

November 11, 2013

Saluting All Our Veterans

Served July 1969~February 1969

Thanking my daddie and all veterans that have served our wonderful country in the miltary making it possible for American to be a better and safer place to live.

November 6, 2013

Downton Tabby

~ Downton Tabby ~

What: Downton Tabby
When: 7 November 2013
Host: Gracie

Dress up and head on over~you can be with the masters of the house or hang out with the help.

No RSVPs required~just come on over

October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Moooooooo ve on out it's Halloween time!
Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween.
Party at the Tabby Cat Club hosted by Raz.
Everyone is invited.

October 28, 2013

Dress Up Day

Gracie Halloween Cow
It's dress up day at the Tabby Cat Club.
You don't have to be a member to join in on the fun.
Stop on over!!

October 3, 2013

Laundry Sorting

My mommie does so much for me with the blogging, emails, and photo shop stuff that I have decided that I would help her with the  laundry today . . . she sure will be surprised . . .

. . . I will . . . fold . . . and . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

September 29, 2013

Tabby Cat Announcement!

Check out the
Graphic by Zoolatry

I have been working hard over at the Tabby Cat Club and I am taking a few minutes to catch a few zzzzzs before I go over to the party. Everyone is invited to join in the fun. See you there.

ps: Above is a big hint.

September 21, 2013

It's My 4th Blogoversary!

It' my fourth Blogoversary Today! Do you believe it? The time is flying buy with so many things to do with my friends.  I treasure all of my friends I have meet and though I haven't been visiting a lot, thanks to the mom, I do think of you and hope when the weather gets cooler I will be able to see more of you.

This year I decided to take things easy. You are all welcome to stay as long as you like. We can all hang out together and catch up on stories and spend some time together.

Everything is set up for a fun day of friends, food, drinks, & zzzzzzs.
Please, help yourself :

Drinks & Nip
Comfy beds and sleeping masks for you.
You may take your bed home with you when you leave.

Before you leave don't forget to take your party favors with you.
Thanks for stopping by today and helping me celebrate my special day!
 Hope you had a good time.

September 19, 2013

Happy Pirates Day

Arghhhhhhhh, it be Pirates Day!!!
*Note: This is not, I repeat not, a photo shop picture. *#^&*%$ dang that mom of mine!!

September 17, 2013

Tabby Cat Club Quiz

The first Tabby Cat Club Quiz is over.
The answers to the test are posted over at the Tabby Cat Club.
I want to say how well everyone did!
Well done!!

September 15, 2013

September 11, 2013

Always Remember

Remember Always ~ Never Forget

August 30, 2013

Farewell Paris

Remembering & Farewell
. . . today was a busy one in Paris but I am afraid I have no photos to show you how I spent my last day in Paris. You see I left my camera at the hotel room. Oh well.

Before we boarded our plane to head back to the states a few of us got together and had a lantern ceremony remembering our loved ones that had run off to the bridge. Before we released the lanterns we shared stories with each other . . . oh how they are missed but forever with us.

. . . as we passed the Eiffel Tower we could see the lanterns floating so gently up in the air. It made such a beautiful sight with the tower being light up.

I sure hope everyone had as much fun with the 2013 Blogosphere trip in Paris as I did. I want to thank everyone that participated in this fun event and I plan on visiting each of you. It might take me a few days to get over the jet lag so I might not get to see you right away.

Hey, any ideas on where to go for next years Blogosphere trip?

August 29, 2013

Paris Day III


l-r: Charlotte, Asta, Allie, Gracie, Raz, Ellie, Socks, Karl & Ruis
Graphic by Gracie
Day three in Paris and looks like another fun filled day. We took a tour bus were shown so may of the fantastic sites in Paris.  After our bush trip we decided to spend the rest of the day Louvre Museum.

. . . we were so fortunate today to receive VIP passes at the museum. This meant we got all through the crowds . . . this room was beyond crowded . . . I think this is where the Mona Lisa is . . . wait I was wrong . . . this is a new exhibit . . .

Graphic by Raz, Allie, Ellie & Gracie
. . . it's the Mona Allie! Wow, I am so impressed by the beauty . . . we had no idea that this master piece was on display here . . .

l-r: Raz, Ellie, Charlotte, Socks, Asta, Gracie, & Allie
 Graphic by Gracie
. . . we spent hours upon hours gazing at all of the masterpieces that the Louvre holds. Sweet Asta noticed that a painting was hanging on the wall crooked so she gently straightened it. We all decided that we needed to have another trip to Paris and spend more time in the museum so we could see all of the paintings and sculptures.

l-r: Charlotte, Asta, Socks, Karl, Ruis, Raz, Gracie, Allie & Ellie
Graphic by Gracie

Evening entertainment will be at the famous Moulin Rouge. We took a group photo before we went inside . . .
Graphic by Raz, Allie & Ellie
. . . we had to split up our group so we could fit at a table for dinner. I enjoyed a fabulous meal with Allie, Raz, and Ellie. We were thrilled that we had front row seats . . .

Graphic by Raz, Allie & Ellie
. . . after dinner you can imagine to my surprise when I was called up on stage to join in with the dancing . . . I just loved the outfit and I must say had the time of my life.

l-r: Angel Momo, Karl, Asta, Ruis, Allie, Ellie, Gracie, Raz, Charlotte & Socks
Graphic by Asta
. . . I could not keep dancing on stage by myself so I signaled the gang to come up on stage and join in. You would have thought that we were professionals. We danced the whole night away . . . in fact we danced until the lights went out and the doors were locked. If you haven't been to the Moulin Rouge you must get there.

Ooh la la

August 28, 2013

Paris~Day II

Graphic by Gracie

. . . today started out really early as I received a note from Rumblebum asking that I find a plane and please get him to Paris . . .

Graphic by Gracie
. . . I charted a private plane and got back to the states to bring him to Paris.  We had lots of time to figure out what sites we should see . . . in no time at all we arrived in Paris . . .

Graphic by Raz, Allie & Ellie
. . . today is girl's day out in Paris. Allie, Ellie and I toured the gardens of Versailles. It was so beautiful . . . I bet we spent hours outside . . .
Graphic by Raz, Allie & Ellie
. . . once we saw every inch of the garden we went inside and were overwhelmed with the beauty of the Versailles Palace. Another surprise was when we ran into Raz. Seems like the boys had the same idea and were visiting the palace today too.

Graphic by Gracie
You will never guess what Ellie found! She found the most wonderful pastry shoppe in all of Paris. It is called Poilane and I must say if you don't find what you want in there they it isn't made.

Graphic by Raz, Allie & Ellie
. . . after filling tummies with a bunch of goodies from the pastry shoppe we did a little shopping. I think we should have shopped first because I noticed that the clothes felt a little tight. Guess I have one too many goodies to eat. We posed for a picture of us by the arc de Triomphe. Oh, did I mention that Raz did a little shopping with us too?

l-~r front: Ellie, Raz, Gracie, Charlotte & Asta
back: Allie, Karl & Ruis
Graphic by Asta
. . . after a full day of shopping we kind of crashed in our room after the long fun day. Much to Asta's surprise because she was ready to head right back out to check the night life of Paris.
I am giving this some thought but not sure if some zzzzzs are needed at this time.

August 26, 2013

Paris Day I

2013 3 Annual Blogosphere Trip

It's finally here and we are heading to Paris. I flew down to Florida to travel with my dear friends and adopted little bro, Raz, Allie, & Ellie. We are flying Air France Jumbo Jet., first class all the way.  We are so excited to get there that we didn't even sleep on our long trip over the big pond.

. . . with our seatbelts fastened up the pilot flew in close to we could see with city in it's grandness . . .

. . . I thought we were getting a little too close to the Eiffel Tower and was a little nervous . . . I felt like we could just reach out and touch it . . .

Graphic by Raz
. . . here is a picture taken by Karl of the plane as we taxied down the runway. OMC! do you see what I see?! Raz is up in the cockpit. Seems like the pilot found out that Raz was on board and wanted him to help fly the plane. It was a long flight and the crew in the cockpit was needing some zzzzs and had Raz take over, yes Raz licensed to fly a Jumbo Jet, actually he does teach pilots how to fly them . . .

Top floor l~r: Charlotte, Karl, Ruis,& Asta
By Taxi l~R: Allie, Ellie, Raz & Gracie
We took a taxi and headed over to the hotel we will be staying at. When we arrived at the Hotel Dequesne Eiffel and to my surprise Charlotte, Karl, Ruis, & Asta were already there and waiting for us to. Socks had missed his flight and will soon join us.

After checking and visiting with friends it was time to take a few moments out get unpacked and have some rest time. I couldn't sleep too at all as the Eiffel Tower was within view from my window and I felt it kept calling to me to come on over . . .

. . . Allie and I met while the others were out and about and had a light lunch on our terrace. As soon as we finished up we headed over to the tower to meet up with Ellie and Raz . . .

. . . OHC! What a long line waiting to get into the tower. We had no idea that it would be like this, arghhhhhh but at least we were together and passed the time figuring out what other things we would do while here in Paris.

. . . finally we made out way to the ticket counter and were able to go up the tower. We spent quite a bit of time looking around once we got to the top of it. Breathtaking is what I have to say about this view . . .
Group shot before we ordered dinner.

. . . the four of us decided that we would eat dinner at the LeJules Vernes, a one~star Michelin restaurant located on the tower's second level. This is a traditional gastronomic French kitchen which happens to be run by world~renowned chef Alain Ducasse.

Bon appetite!