August 29, 2013

Paris Day III


l-r: Charlotte, Asta, Allie, Gracie, Raz, Ellie, Socks, Karl & Ruis
Graphic by Gracie
Day three in Paris and looks like another fun filled day. We took a tour bus were shown so may of the fantastic sites in Paris.  After our bush trip we decided to spend the rest of the day Louvre Museum.

. . . we were so fortunate today to receive VIP passes at the museum. This meant we got all through the crowds . . . this room was beyond crowded . . . I think this is where the Mona Lisa is . . . wait I was wrong . . . this is a new exhibit . . .

Graphic by Raz, Allie, Ellie & Gracie
. . . it's the Mona Allie! Wow, I am so impressed by the beauty . . . we had no idea that this master piece was on display here . . .

l-r: Raz, Ellie, Charlotte, Socks, Asta, Gracie, & Allie
 Graphic by Gracie
. . . we spent hours upon hours gazing at all of the masterpieces that the Louvre holds. Sweet Asta noticed that a painting was hanging on the wall crooked so she gently straightened it. We all decided that we needed to have another trip to Paris and spend more time in the museum so we could see all of the paintings and sculptures.

l-r: Charlotte, Asta, Socks, Karl, Ruis, Raz, Gracie, Allie & Ellie
Graphic by Gracie

Evening entertainment will be at the famous Moulin Rouge. We took a group photo before we went inside . . .
Graphic by Raz, Allie & Ellie
. . . we had to split up our group so we could fit at a table for dinner. I enjoyed a fabulous meal with Allie, Raz, and Ellie. We were thrilled that we had front row seats . . .

Graphic by Raz, Allie & Ellie
. . . after dinner you can imagine to my surprise when I was called up on stage to join in with the dancing . . . I just loved the outfit and I must say had the time of my life.

l-r: Angel Momo, Karl, Asta, Ruis, Allie, Ellie, Gracie, Raz, Charlotte & Socks
Graphic by Asta
. . . I could not keep dancing on stage by myself so I signaled the gang to come up on stage and join in. You would have thought that we were professionals. We danced the whole night away . . . in fact we danced until the lights went out and the doors were locked. If you haven't been to the Moulin Rouge you must get there.

Ooh la la


Timmy Tomcat said...

Oola la it is my dear Gracie!
What a grand time dancing and having the greatest of times.
We went to the Louvre and saw the Mona Allie but did not get the artists name. Do you know?
Timmy and Family

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

I see you had a furry good time at The Mouline Rouge , just like me and Raz had the other night :)

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

We are all having a ball. I love the Mona Allie, I think it was the best painting in the whole museum. ~Socks

da tabbies o trout towne said...

gracie....ya look furtastic up on stage....we haz R paris post.. postin on fryday...hay...that bee two morrow !!! hope full lee we all catch up with each other bee fore we all head home :) thanx for hostin de toor, we had fun !!

The Florida Furkids said...

Such fun! We loved the Louvre. It was so helpful of Asta to straighten out the paintings and getting those passes really helped get us over to the Mona Allie quickly.

Ah....the Moulin Rouge.....what can I say? What happens in Paris stays in Paris!!!



Pawsome wish we were there!!!!!!

Karen Jo said...

How much fun can you all have?

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Oooo la LA my dear!!! *applause* *applause* *throwing roses*

asta said...

I do luv mooseums, and I've been to many, but hav nevew seen a painting as bootiful as the Mona Allie. No wondew the lines awe so long to see it...thank dog you got those passes..
Yoo danced sooo well Gwacie...thanks fow getting us all up onstage. I coold have danced all night, what fun
Smoochie kisses
Asta sissie

The Cat Realm said...

oh man - that WAS fun!!!! and ruis looked SOOOOOO handsome in that top hat.... i love paris!

Team Tabby said...

An excellent adventure!