October 31, 2011

A Halloween Party & ????!

l-r: Gracie, Opus, & Olive

My sweet nephew and niece, Opus and Olive, are with me has we try to get to the Halloween Party today being hosted by Castle Felinestein . Everyone is invited to join in on the fun. If you happen to get there before we do please let everyone know we are hopefully on the way. If we don't show up . . . well look at the Bates Motel and don't give up until you find us!

Oh, we are bringing some really special hotdog (sorry doggie friends) for the party. If you want the receipe click here.

Hope you are having a fun and happy Halloween!! 

October 30, 2011


Taking it easy today as I have to rest up for all of the great Halloween fun that will soon be here.

Don't forget to enter Hansel's Halloween Spooktacular Contest if you haven't done so already. You have until noon on October 31. There will be prizes for the winners.

Oh, and there is a Halloween party being hosted by Castlel Felinestein on Halloween and everyone is invited.. I am sure there will be many tricks we can think of and hope we stay out of too much trouble.

So get lots of rest and hope to see you soon!

October 29, 2011

The Intruder

Today started out like any other day but then things quickly took a turn . . . an intruder was lurking outside of my house . . . doyou see it too?

. . . there it is you see it yes?

. . . the radar is working overtime and I am not letting this creature enter into my home!

. . . this thing doesn't have a clue who it is dealing with! All I can say is that there is a good thing for the creature that there is a screen seperating us. No telling what I would do if I could get to it.

. . . Guess you know where I will be spending my time today. I cannot leave my post until I am sure the creature is gone and things are back as they should be, just the dad, mom, and me hanging out today.

October 23, 2011


Love the SUNday times!
Hope you are having a good one!!

October 20, 2011

Toctober Day

Show your tocks today in honor of Derby's birthday!

Wishing my dear friend a special Happy Birthday
and many, many, many times many more!!

October 18, 2011

Tuesday Toesies +

My toesies & mom's fingers . . .

. . . Now if I could just get the mom's fingers to type away for me I might get caught upon things. Any ideas for getting her to work for me??

October 15, 2011

CATurday Saying

Wine improves with age
I improve with wine

October 9, 2011


Just love the SUNday times,
especially with the family.

Only one thing wrong today . . .
the mom and that &^%$# flashie box.
Please don't disturb mom,
 find something else to do with your time.
We are busy here.

October 7, 2011

No Good Deed

This is what I did for four hours straight because of what happened in the morning . . . you might be thinking that I was so worn out from taking care of my mom for the past two weeks. Well you would be wrong. It is because that the mom is feeling better that my day didn't start out too good.

My day started out like any other day which is the way I like things . . . then I noticed this strange thing being brought in from the garage and knew right away that things were going to take a change for the worse . . . before I could run an hide the mom had me in the thing and was talking about my yearly check up with the vet . . . right away I started thinking how ungrateful she was to do this to me after all of the good care and attention I had given her since she was ill. &*&^%$# no good deed goes unpunished.

Things at the vet went pretty smoothly and I must say I got an A+ on my report. The vet was happy with my weight and said that I was even a little lighter than last year and that was a good thing. I got two shots, which I was a good girl when they gave them to me, then they left the room with me so they could trim my nails and also . . . well . . . . clean out my ears. I'm not saying if I was good or bad when they did this because I want to keep the mom guessing. I pulled a fast one on the mom, though, when it was time for us to leave. After the vet and assistant left the room it was just the mom and me so I decided that is was time to show her who was the boss. I wouldn't get into the carrier. I put all of my paws out and legs and hung onto anything I could reach. I was quiet proud of myself as I overpowered mom and she had to admit defeat. She held me tightly and opened the door of the room we were in and asked if someone could help her get me into the carrier. To our surprise the vet came into help her. I must say I really wish that I had a recorder because I gave the two of them a run for the money. After letting them struggle for awhile I decided that if I were every to get home I should get into the carrier, which I did. Soon I knew I would get some well deserved rest.

The really good news of the day was that the mom felt so bad about the vet visit she gave me treats when we arrived back at the house, spoiled me all day long, and I pretty much napped all afternoon only to have some gentle pats from mom when she would walk by me.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that to prove that I am able to get even I didn't . . . well . . . leave something in the litter box that mom had to take in to the vet so now the mom has to go back when I decide that I will cooperate. Ha, ha to her.

The really great news is that I don't have to worry about another check up until next year. Keep your eyes out and if you see the carrier coming into your living space, RUN!

October 2, 2011

Livestrong 2011

Photo by Zoolatry

Today, October 2, Livestrong is hosting the wearing of the yellow to raise awarness of the many that live with cancer. This is a terrible disease that affects millions of people world-wide. Each of us probably know of someone fighting cancer now, has lost the fight or within the next couple of years will be affected by someone you know facing the fight of their life.  Wear the yellow today to help raise awareness and honor all that have had to deal with cancer.
In Memory
My uncle and mom Ca. 1950

What Cancer Cannot Do:
It cannot invade the soul,
suppress memories,
kill friendships,
destroy peace,
conquer the spirit,
shatter hope,
cripple love,
corrode faith,
steal eternal life,
silence courage.

Dedicated to:
Mom's family:
Raymond Young Little 1915-1992 Father
Ronald Ray Little-1942 brother
Elgie "Pat" Boise 1880-1956 Grandfather
Naomi Gruber 1915-1990 Aunt
William Gruber 1934-1993 Cousin
Betty Gruber 1932-1995 Cousin
Luetta Buerher 1910-1992 Aunt
LaNatte Wood 1928-1992 Cousin

The family misses you.

October 1, 2011

CATurday Saying

You can never make the same
 mistake twice, because the
second time you make it,
 it's not a mistake, it's a choice.