January 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Today outside in the world of the weather I find that there is wet stuff falling from the sky. It isn't white and sticking to the ground as I am used to seeing but it is clear and has melted the white stuff all away. The sun is no where to be found so I decided I would just have an extra lazy day today.

I decided to take some time out for myself today and hang out in my new spa, minus the water of course. You see there is a heat register than goes underneath the spa and  makes this an oh so nice warm spot to rest in. I highly recommend that you try it out if you have one of these spa areas in your home.

Another thing that I like about my spa is the shape of it. The oval shape of the spa fits my body really well making me feel cozy while I am in it. My spa is located in a really quiet area in the house. The only thing bothering me is the mom won't put the camera down and leave me alone. I am thinking if I don't move she will get the hint and leave me alone. Boy, the click of the camera is breaking the slience that I was so enjoying.

Yes, it worked . . . she has left me to my quiet time. Hope all of you are having a lazy Sunday too!

January 22, 2010

Seuss Landing Part II

After arriving at Seuss Landing and going on a few rides we had our first official photo of the gang taken, Opus, Olive, Momo, Asta, Karl, Ruis, and me, we then headed over to the hotel and checked into our rooms.

Photo by Karl
No time to spare and not a moment to waste we couldn't get out of the room fast enough and get back to the park for more fun rides.

Photo by Opus & Olive
l-r: Ruis, Karl, & Opus

The mancats waiting to see if they can spot us girls as we wiz by on the Caro-Seuss-el.

Photo by Opus & Olive
front l-r: Olive, Karl, Gracie, & Ruis
Opus, Momo, & Asta

I lost count of the number of times we rode The High In The Sky Trolley Ride. It was, I think, the most fun ride in the park.

Photo by Opus & Olive
l-r: Gracie, Momo, Olive, & Asta

This was a ride that I only went on once and couldn't wait to get off. I thought it zoomed too fast and made too many turns. My tummy wasn't feeling too good when the ride stopped, I don't think I look good in the color green.

Photo by Ruis

The guys decided to go on a ride while we girls recovered from the last ride.  Opus took Ruis & Karl's photo moments before the ride started.

I still have some great photo of our time at Seuss Landing which I will post over the weekend. I want to visit all of my friends but the mom hasn't been nice working for me but there isn't much I can do about that. If I fire her then I have no one to help me. Oh well, what to do?

January 18, 2010

My First Adventure

The day has come and I am ready for the gang to pick me up. The gang, for those of you that are new friends, are the CCSI pioneers and include Opus, Olive, Momo, Asta, Karl, Ruis, and me.

I received a package from Opus and Olive for my birthday with specific directions that included being packed by Monday at 9:00am and to wear the blindfold that was in the box. I have been ready and waiting not sure what is up but know it will be a travel adventure of some kind. I sat by the window all morning waiting to hear the sound of the MFV's motor as they arrived.

Photo by Karl

I had so much time this morning because I got up early from excitement that I cleaned my room and put my suitcases in the living room so I could just grab them and be off in a flash, I sure hope I didn't forget anything.

Photo by Opus
Before I knew it they were here and right on time!

Photo by Opus

After driving which seemed like hours and hours, that is probably just because I was so excited to see where we were going, I heard sounds of music, rumblings, and lots of laughter. I couldn't figure out where we were until I was allowed to take off my blindfold.

Photo by Opus
To my happy surprise I found out that we were at the Seuss Landing at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida! The gang is treating me to three days and two nights, paying for all my food, accomodations, and the theme park tickets. This is so purrrfect as I had a Seuss birthday party just a few days ago so this just fit right in! I'll keep you posted on what we are up to as the adventure continues. Don't forget, too, that I will visit with all of my friends that came to my party. The mom has been busy and I haven't been able to see everyone yet but hopefully by the end of the week she will have more free time to help me out on this. Good thing I am away from the house because I would be bored with nothing to do.

Photo by Opus
Olive in her art portrait studio.

ps: Be sure to check out the auction this week, Ollie is donating her time and talent to do self portraits for a donation. These portraits are a limited edition so don't wait to long. Check out the details at Fiona's Fundraiser Week #6.

January 17, 2010

Sunday Mystery

As most of you know by now, my first birthday was on Friday and I had a party to celebrate that happy occasion. I excused myself from the party for a few minutes to check in at the Auction Fundraiser for Fiona and also checked my email and saw a very strange message:

"Dear Gracie,

In celebration of your first birthday, your friends are treating you to a little vacation at an undisclosed location. Inside your gift box you will find a blind fold with a note. Follow the directions on your note....

The Gang "

Photo by Opus & Olive
The blindfold

Photo by Opus & Olive
The note

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the gang is up to and where we might be going?

click on photo to biggefy
I excuesd myself from the party and told everyone to stay as long as they liked. I figured with two days hard partying that I for sure needed some rest for whatever is going to happen tomorrow. I also had to make sure to be packed and ready to go. I will keep you posted as things unfold for me. See you when I get back.

I want to thank everyone who came by with their birthday wishes for me! It was so nice to see all of my friends, what a fun day it was. I am going to personally visit each of my guests and leave a thank you at your place. It will take me awhile to visit all so please don't think I have forgotten. See you all soon!

January 15, 2010

Birthday Bash!


Be sure to check out LOL I have been featured there today! Thanks Wendy!

The Auction Fundraiser for Fiona is having a give away promotion! Get there from my sidebar link and put in a bid for a chance to win a personal gift chosen for you.

It's here! It's now! It's today! It's my first birthday! I have waited so long for this day to arrive and share it with my dear friends. I am so glad that you could join me today. I wasn't sure what to do for my birthday so I had a poll on my sidebar and with 91% voting for a party hardy time that is what we will all do today!

I want to personally welcome each and every one of you who have stopped by today. If there is anything that you can think of that you need and don't see just let me know and I will see what I can do to make it so.

Opus and Olive, my nephew and niece from Italy, were the first across the sea visitors to arrive. It was great to have them stateside. This is the first time that we are meeting and I am looking forward to our visit. I hope they can stay a few extra days before they have to get back home. I want to take them to a local restaurant in town called Bandidos, a favorite place of our moms.

This is a no present party but those two brought me a gift all the way from Italy. One of the things I liked about their gift was that I didn't need the mom to help me open it. I did it all by myself. To my surprise I found a cute birthday hat with candles on it, I am going to wear it for my profile photo for the day. Thanks you two that was so sweet of you to bring me a special birthday hat.

Oh my gosh! Just when I thought the Italians were done surprised they whipped out this birthday card they made for me. This is an extra special card as I know that Opus doesn't like to wear the wigs but in honor of his brother, Roscoe, he put on the infamous wig to make him a part of our special day by keeping him in our thoughts and heart. Roscoe is missed but know how much he would be enjoying the party today. Be sure to keep those that have gone to the bridge near you and never forget the love you shared.

At 6:40am a special delivery came from Opus and Olive. I received a boquet of cat-n-the-hat balloons, a TON of beautiful, pink roses, and a potrait of me that Ollie made! Oh I am so overwhelmed, I love everything and the potrait is fantastic!! Also there was a box with a note on it that said, "There is one more surprise in the box, but that is not to be opened untill later." I haven't a clue what it is and can hardly wait.

 I feel like peeking but I am afraid that I might get caught. Wonder when later is?

Photo by Karl
l-r  Notty, Coco, Edna, Mrs Oz, Karl, & Tintin

The first from the good old USA to arrive was Karl's gang, all the way from The Cat Realm in Arizona. It was so nice to meet all of them. I have heard many stories about them and it is always nice to put a furry face with the stories.  Told all this was a no present party but the cats at the Realm brought me presents beyond my wonder. I am thinking with all of these treavel presents that there adventures in the future! This is great because I have been wanting to do some traveling with the old CCSI gang. Now I will be ready.

My gifts from the kitties at The Cat Realm includes all of my travel must have needs. My own 5 piece set of lugguag, a personalized purse, personalized coffee mug, personalized sunglasses (just like the Cat Realm gang), and my very own already programmed iphone.

I bigiefied the iphone so you could see the keys better.

Photo by Momo

Sailing in a hot air balloon and bringing party balloons with her all the way from Australia Momo arrives ready to party hardy. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We go back a long ways. It will be fun catching up all the things that we girls like to do when we are together.we girls like to do when together.

Photo by Asta

Arriving all the way from busy NYC was my dear friend Asta and she brought birthday wishes with her. She had a surprise waiting for me over at her place, her gift to me was asking if I would be her sissie. It took a half of a millisecond before I said YES! I have a sister and her name is Asta!! This is something we have talked about for a long time, with Momo too, and what a purrrfect day to make it so. Hey Momo are you ready?

This day is so exciting day as the gang now is all here. Yes, that is correct the whole gang is here. You see Ruis arrived earlier but I have been unable to catch him for a photo. Be on the lookout and when you know where he is please let me know. To be all together again! Fantastic, that is the bestest of the best birthday presents there is!

Another friend I would like you all to meet is my special guest of the day. His name is Barney and he lives at The House of Cats. We are becoming good friends and plan to have lots of adventures together as we look forward to all of the exciting things offered in this life.  Afraid that two kitties so young might get into mischief
 my Squillion has decided that we need a chaperon.

This is my birthday gift from Barney. I guess the memo about no gifting didn't go out, I thought it did.

To get you in the spirit of the Dr. Sesuss theme party here is your party hat. It is yours to take home with you when you leave.

Before you head over to the table to get your plates that you will need for your food stop by and check out my birthday cake, it was made special just for me.

There is plenty of food, I have a wide variety quaranteed to have something that you will like. Help yourself and please come back for more as many times as you want.

You will not want to miss out on the many fruit kabobs. Delicious . . .

. . . also there is a great assortment of appetiizers . . .

. . . for the main meals you will find scrimp kabobs, vegetable kabobs, fish kabobs, & beef kabobs . . .

. . . for something guaranteed to fill you up you will find a deluxe-deluxe hamburger, lobster & filet mignon, tuna steak, and chicken parmesan.  Don't forget to pick up your drink to go with your meal.

Offered for you to choose from are milk shakes of many flavors.When you are all done and ready head back to the cake table for a slice.

For our older crowd there is alcohol available. You must have identification before you can be served. This is something that needed to be done since there are so many younger kitties here. I wouldn't want them to get into trouble with their moms if they have the adult stuff to drink.

When you are done eating we have many activities that you can check out. The first one is a favorite of mine, you might want to have your camera ready for this one. You just stick your head through the hole in The Cat In The Hat's face and have a friend snap your photo. Too funny, you are now the TCITH.

There are also card games, matching games, ball games including soccer for your enjoyment. Pick a partner and see how much fun you can have playing some of these games.

Front cars l-r: Asta, Momo, Mrs. Oz. Barney, Gracie, Opus, & Olive
Back car front l-r: Edna, Notty, & Tintin
Back car top: Karl, Coco, & Ruis

The best activity is the Green Eggs And Ham Train Ride with unlimited riding on the train all the day and night long. Our gang rode the train so many times that we lost count. Way too much fun! (Did anyone notice that Mrs Oz is keeping a close eye on Barney and me?)

The Band l-r: Karl, Olive, & Opus
Audience l-r: Momo, Ruis, Gracie, & Asta

If you are still feeling full after all of the good food and need to work some of it off we have Guitar Hero World Tour to add to our entertainment. You can sing, dance, play, or watch the band work their magic.

Party favors for my kittie friends.

You are welcome to stay as long as you like but before you leave don't forget to take home with you your party favors that I personally chose. I thought carefully on this and came up with special gifts for my kittie and doggie friends. This is one gift per guest, so if you came with your brother or sister everyone gets their own gift to take home. Yeah, your very own gift. That is my way of thanking you for coming.

Party favors for my doggie guests.

A party favor for your mom or dad.

I think a lot of the time we forget that our mommies and daddies work so hard to give us a nice home so I have a party favor for you to take home to them. I think they will enjoy the reading. That is my thank you to them for letting you be at my place today.

The day is ending, though I don't want it to, but there still are fireworks for us all to enjoy. I am trying to concentrate on the fireworks but I seem to keep checking out Barney, please don't tell him this. Don't you all just think he is adorable? Boy I sure do. I am wondering if he enjoyed his day with me. What do you think?

Thank you all so much for stopping by and sharing in my first birthday with me. This meant a lot to me. Just think only 365 more days to go before my next birthday and we can party again.

January 11, 2010

A Present From KC

It arrived! It finally arrived last Saturday and the mom is finally posting for me. You see my good friend and coworker, KC, emailed the mom around the Christmas rush telling us to be on the lookout for a package that she was sending to me. I wasn't her secret paw or anything like that she just said it was something she wanted to do since I had been working hard at the shelter and auction. Isn't that sweet!?!

Here I am checking the package right after the mom took it from the mailperson. I am checking out the box and I think I get a scent of KC. She smells really nice. I tried to open the box myself but I needed help so the mom helped me.

To my surprise the first thing that I saw was the most beautiful, soft, cuddly, leopard print blankie. It is beyond soft I must add. Purrrfect for laying on while catching some zzzzzzs I soon found out.

There were many things inside the mailed box. I had holiday colored toys such as many balls (some were shiny, some with bells in them, and pretty colored ones), little micies that I just love, a little toy Chrismouse, toy candy cane, and a tin with a chocolate cookie inside. I need to add that the mom wouldn't let me have the cookie. She was mumbling something about my deleciate tummy and to save me from having a tummy ache she ate the cookie. I don't think that was fair after all her name wasn't on the package. I might register a complaint with the postal office about that.

Inside the mailed box was a smaller white box with a card on it from KC to me. I tried my hardest to open it up but again I needed the help from the mom. Which makes me think I should reconsider a complaint against her with the postal service. If they throw her in jail or something than who would work for me? I guess I'll just have to let the cookie thing go.

The mom was taking too long, I just couldn't wait to see what was inside. I think the mom might have had an idea because KC gave her a heads up on this. The mom is good at keeping secrets because she wouldn't give me a clue. I thought she would never get this opened but when she did . . .

. . . oh my, oh, my, oooooohhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! A real Squillion! I couldn't believe my eyes! These Squillions are so rare it's impossible to find one. I don't know how KC found my beautiful Squillion but I am so glad that she worked her magic. Now that the gift was open the mom shared with me an email that KC sent. KC said that because I had been working so hard at the CB VSquillion as Shelter Keeper she felt it was right that I should have a real one. Somehow she located one waiting to be adopted in, you will never guess, Europe. Do you believe it! My Squillion looks like me as we share the same color and stripes. (My Squillion, doesn't that sound nice?) Now I have a sibling! This is something that I have wanted for awhile and now it is true. I will post later to let you know the name of my Squillion and how he/she is adjusting to life in the good old USA.

Here I am checking out all of my new gifts! I spent so much time playing and throwing the micies and kept hitting the balls all over the house. The shinny balls were so much fun to throw up way high in the air and then pounce on them when they would try to roll away from me.

Thanks so much KC and KC's mom you both have made me one happy kittie!
You're the best!!