June 25, 2010

Surprise Birthday Party!

Shhhhhh! He doesn't know yet. We have totally surprised him. He doesn't have a clue yet . . .

. . . Steffano and I thank you for coming. We hope you have a good time . . .

. . . I want to introduce you to Opus and Olive, my nephew and niece from Italy. They came all the way here to help decorate and celebrate this happy day . . .

Photo by Asta
. . . the first of the party gang to arrive was my sissie, Asta. She came all the way from NYC . . .

. . . grab whichever party hat you would like and get ready to surprise the birthday boy.  Wait, I don't think he is a boy if this is an over the hill party is he?

. . . we will sneak up on him and on the count of three yell surprise . . . one . . . two . . . three . . .


Great job, well done! Now dig in and have some cake, cookies, and a nice over the hill drink . . .

When you leave be sure and take a party favor coffee mug home with you. I sure hope you had a good time. Thanks for helping me surprise the dad and making for a fun party!
Also, I want to pass on some words of wisdom to you all. Remember: You are only as old as you remember you are.

June 20, 2010

My Dad

Jan's Funny Farm is hosting a contest for Father's Day. You are to tell a story of your daddie and link to her.

Wishing my Daddy a Happy Farther's Day! Without him I don't know if I would still be in this wonderful world. You see it all goes back to the day when I picked my family. I told the story a long time ago, last summer to be exact, but I would like to share it again. Here is my happy story . . .

. . . it was way back on the 7th of July 2009, when I was wondering around the countryside, that I heard a lot of laughter and talking, and smelled the aroma of good food. I immediately headed in the direction of all of the commotion and suddenly came upon what looked like a family picinic. This was a great find indeed. I immediately made my precence known and a few of the folks noticed me and made up to me really fast, but I found that the mom there wouldn't have anything to do with me. You see, I have since learned that she has had her heart broken many times by outside cats. She would offer them food, water, play, anything that an outside kitty would want. But several of those cats left and never came back. I didn't know at that time but she told the dad that she didn't want to get attached to anymore outside cats because of the sadness that she was feeling. I'm glad I didn't know all of this because I might have decided not to even give them a try.

I decided that I liked this family and that I would hang out and try to mooch some food off of them. The mom wouldn't pay me any attention but I didn't care because there were plenty of other folks there who did. After the dad noticed me he started petting me, then he would kind of play with me, and the best yet was that, before I knew it, he brought out some food and water just for me. Well, the mom wasn't happy. It wasn't that she didn't want to feed me it was just that she didn't want to get attached to me then to maybe have me leave and never come back. When she asked the dad why he fed me he said that I was so skinney that I must be starving and he could not let that happen. Isn't he such a wonderful one?! Anyway since he fed me the mom then picked me up and said that I WAS NOW THEIR CAT! My hears perked up when I heard that and I tried really hard not to smile . . . so because my dad let me weasel my way into his heart we are now a family and I have a forever home. I just love my family!!!

June 14, 2010

Prayer Beads For Pets



This is the first time ever that we have had prayer beads for available.
Custom made by Heather.
The prayer bead charms are: a celtic cross, a cat, and St. Francis, the patron saint of animals.
You can mix and match the charms and beads.
Each strand comes with a prayer for the animals, written by Heather, Spooner's mom.
Also offered is a set of memorial beads for those who have lost their pets.
Memorial beads come with a cat charm and a heart-shaped locket.
More information is over at the auction.
 I want to send a special thanks to Spooner and Heather for their generous gift.

If you would like one head over to the auction and leave your donation and tell us which set you would like.

June 3, 2010

Auction #3 Starts Today!!

Head over to the auction and help support Sweet Praline get extra $$$ for her vet bills!