January 30, 2011

Not So SUNday

I have one question I have to ask on this weekend SUNday. Where is the sun? It has been so long that we have seen the sun up here that I am forgetting what it looks like, feels like, and where to find it!

With that being said I won't let that get me down. I will catch my zzzzs without it! My blankie will keep me warm.

Hope you are having a quiet SUNday at your place and that the sun is there with you.

January 28, 2011

Mom's A Hero!

I am taking you back to January 5 on this post. Yes, I know that was a long time ago but this is an important post and I am running a little late with things, meaning the mom is running late. I am trying to be patient with her because she does try. Anyway on the morning of the 5th things were normal . . . the dad was getting ready to go back to work after Christmas break . . . mom was up and about but I was still trying to catch some zzzs when I could tell that mom was upest about something . . .

. . . she immediately after opening the curtains to the back of the house grabbed something called binoculars and looked through them. Then she put on some shoes and went tearing out back by the pond. I thought it was strange that she didn't even put on a coat as it was pretty cold that morning. She left saying something about please let that be a brown paper bag on the pond . . . I wasn't understanding her so I just kept an eye out to see what was going on . . .

Mom came into the house with tears in her eyes. She told that dad that there was a ginger kittie with his/her little tail stuck to the ice and couldn't get away . . . the kittie was alive but not moving very much . . . the dad was running late and had to leave to work even though the mom had asked him to do something . . . OMC! This is terrible. The mom knew she couldn't get on the ice as one she could fall down and two there was water out there making things not safe anyway . . . she thought about two minutes and called 911 . . .

Mom didn't want to call Animal Control because she has found that once when she called them to help the man that came was mean plus she thought they might not come right away and she didn't know how long the kittie could hold out. When the 911 operator answered her call mom told them right away that it wasn't a human emergency but that there was a kittie with it's tail stuck to the ice on the pond. Mom  said that the 911 lady was really nice and said not to worry that she would get help out to our house asap.

In less than ten minutes there were three water rescue guys from the county and an ambulance standing by in case anyone went into the water. One man was tied with a rope and the other two were holding onto it while he went closer to the kittie. When the kittie saw the man getting close to him he/she sat up and kept a close eye on him . . .

. . . the closer the man got the more the kittie didn't like the idea. The kittie didn't realize that help was right there and no harm was to be done . . .

. . . Just as the man was reaching to help the kittie there were all kinds of kitting yelling and before you knew it the kittie leaped and took off, I hope that didn't hurt the fur on the tail too much doing that! I have never seen such speed in my life before. We are hoping that the kittie will remember this terrible adventure on our pond and never get on it again. The mom was so happy and talked to the rescue folks and must have thanked them a million times. What wonderful work these guys do to take the time to help furries in need. They had told the mom that they had already on that day rescured another kittie and two doggies.

. . . When the mom got back inside she picked me up and I think I felt a few wet things running off of the top of my head. She spoiled me rotten that day, I am spoiled rotten every day by the way. She couldn't pet me enough and she made a nice sofe bed with my favorite comfortable blankie and just let me snuggle all the day long. I thought about the adventures of the morning and started to count my blessings again that I found the folks here and picked them to let me live in their house.

Not all furries are as fortunate to have a furever home and I will say my purrs that those outside up here in these colds winter months find food, warmth, shelter, and stay safe.

Thanks mom and the Water Rescue Team

January 26, 2011

A Thousand Words

Again~One picture is worth a thousand words!

Graphic by Karl

January 25, 2011

Mango's Photo Contest

I did it! I did it, another contest! I have entered my good friend Mango's photo contest. You can enter too if you want, there are some rules, but don't wait too long because the deadline to post is January 30.

My Entries In Mango's Photo Contest

To enter Mango's contest I need to write a post about why I feel I am best qualified for the division I have entered. I entered the kitteh category so here goes . . .

I entered the kitteh category cause I am not a doggie and if I say so myself I have many great qualities. I am what you might call a velcro kittie, that means that I just attached myself to loving humans that want to hold me. I don't run away from strangers but keep my distance until I check them out and make sure that they are good people. Then watch out cause I will let them hold me and pet me as long as I will let them. I am very cuddley especially when I sleep. I bet the mom must have a few hundred photo of me sleeping all curled up. I like to put my little paws up over my face to keep the light out of my eyes, especially the light from the flashy thingie.

I also am a helpful kittie. With the help of the mom here I help KC run the CB auction. Over at the auction we help raise much needed $$$ to help kitties that are in need for vet expenses. The auction is successful because of our furfriends that donate wonderful items to be bid on. One hundred percent of our winning bid $$$ goes to helping the one in need.

I go on adventures with my gang, Karl, Opus, Olive, Momo, and Asta. We pretty much with the help of the mommies and photo shop travel anywhere we can think of. We don't get to go as often but I am thinking that it makes the time that we can do that much more special.

Here are a few more things about me:

C ~ Cute, curious, & cuddley
A ~ Auctioneer, adorable, adventurous & affectionate 
T ~ Traveler, terrific, trustworthy, true to my friends, & tired sometimes

Keep your paws crossed that I might win in Mango's photo contest!

January 23, 2011

Tabby Winter Contest

I have entered the 2011 Tabby Normal Winter Flat Cat Contest and you can do so too but you will have to hurry because today is the last day that you can enter.

Here are the rules if you are interested:
1. All cats are welcome to enter!
2. You must submit an original photo that you have taken of your own cat or that you have specific permission to use. By submitting a photo to the contest, you are authorizing us to publish the photo on the tabbynormal.com website, but the photo still belongs to you and all other rights reserved are yours.
3. Submit photos of your cat or cats looking “flat,” for example how they look in a sunbeam, by the radiator, etc.
4. Tell us a little bit about the cats in the photo! Name, age, favorite activities, blog address, and anything else you’d like to tell us.
5. Submit your photo to the contest by emailing it to tabbynormal AT gmail DOT com
6. Photos will be accepted between the dates Jan. 3rd 2011 – Jan. 23rd 2011.
7. Voting will begin on Jan 24th 2011. The winner will be announced on Jan. 31st.

If you would haven't entered the contest and want to vote I wouldn't mind you casting your vote my way. Keep your paws cross that I have good luck with the contest.

January 21, 2011

An Anniversary!

The mom and dad are celebrating a wedding anniversary. They have been married a long, long, long time~44 years~! The mom here wants to let everyone know that she married the dad when she was five years old but I don't believe her for one minute on that one. I teleported back into time so I could be their for this special day in their lives. It was a fun day filled with family, friends, and lots of love

January 17, 2011

The Aftermath~Mad Catter Party

After the party we found ourselves exploring wonderland and found ourselves walking through the mushrooms and well . . .

Photo by Karl

someone and I won't mention who, KARL, suggested that we try the mushrooms . . .

Photo by Karl

. . . which resulted in a quiet a mirrorglass/wonderland experience . . . wow . . .

Photo by Gracie

. . . and as I have said before and I am sure will say again~history does repeat itself. Let the aftermath continue . . . will visit with all my dear ones that celebrated with me but as you can see I might be moving kind of slow for the next couple of days but I will be to your place soon. Again, many thanks for the fun second birthday celebration that we shared together.

January 15, 2011

A Mad Catter Tea Party~Continues

The party continues! Things are in full swing and everyone has agreed that the Mad Catter Tea Party should not end in one day so . . . round two begins on Sunday . . .

I am soooooooooo glad that you could come to my Mad Catter Birthday Party today! Stay as long as you like and make sure that you get plenty to eat at the party table.

l-r: Momo, Opus, Gracie, Olive, Karl, Ruis, & Asta

Here we all are. The gang is once again back together and checking in early to make sure everything was set up and ready for the party to start. There was a lot of work we had to get done and my sweet friend Karl and sissie Asta were so kind to assist me in the costumes that are being worn today.
. . . The party will continue through Sunday so stay as long as you like and please bring your friends with you because one of our mottos is the more the merrier!

Costumes by Gracie, Karl, & Asta
Back l-r: Asta, Opus, Ruis, Gracie, Karl, & Olive
Laying down: Momo

. . . At last time time arrived . . . we got into our costumes for the day's event and took a group photo before we headed inside for the tea party in honor of my second birthday! Wow, I cannot believe that I am two already . . .
Photo by Gracie & Karl
l-r: Gracie, Ruis, Karl, Asta, Olive, Opus, & Momo

. . . There is plenty to eat and drink so don't be shy. Seconds, thirds or fourths are available for everyone . . .

l-r: Gracie Ruis, Karl, & Opus

. . . Trying to work off a little of the excess food that was taken in Karl, Opus, and I decided that a game of croquet would help us burn off some calories. Ruis was overseeing the game . . .

. . . There are some party favors to take home when you are ready to leave. I have a little something for everyone.

Mad Catter Tea Party Set

Nail Polish for all our little cute toesies!

Shoes for the mom
I thought since your moms let you spend the day with me I would send a gift home to her.
Hope she likes them. 

. . . at the end of the day we all decided that it would be fun to play a little game of hide and seek
and I hope you will join in too . . .

OK, are you ready? I'll count backwards from ten and when I get to one I will try and find you. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, ONE!

I hope you had a fun time at my second birthday party and I am soooooooo happy that you could come and share this special day with me. I have such wonderful friends!!

ps: I stopped over at my boyfriend's place, Barney, to let his mommie know that he would be hanging out here awhile longer and not to worry if he isn't home on Saturday. Well when I got there I found that my sweetie pie dedicated a whole post about my birthday. I found that he and his mommie made me a special birthday card and three special photos. I will post the photos below. This is what Barney wrote about me "Happy Second Birthday Gracie!! You are my one and only ladycat for ever and ever!! Sending you lots of hugs and smooches!! (Oh, and all the rest oof the kitties of course wish you a very Happy Birthday too!!) " Isn't he just the bestest of the best boyfriends!!! I am so lucky he is my mancat!!
My birthday card from Barney

Photos from Barney
Isn't he just the cutest!!

Thanks Sweet Barney, you are the greatest!!

January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday~Almost


January 7, 2011

A Dedication

I am dedicating my first post of 2011 to my boyfriend, Barney. I received the nicest presents for Christmas from him and his family and want to share my photos with you. I wanted to do this during December but the mom let the time get away from her. She has said better late than never and I say never be late. But what am I to do?

My present arrived way in time for me to open and post before Christmas but oh no the mom made me wait and wait to open it. I kept wondering what was inside of the package and I kept trying to figure out how to open it up without the mom's help but my little paws just didn't do the trick.

. . . all good things come to those that wait and I was more than happy when the mystery box was opened and I could get inside for a look see . . .

. . . to my surprise the first thing I saw was sweet Hugo's sister! Barney knew how much I enjoyed having Hugo come and visit and also knew that I wanted a silbing to live with me. He made arrangements and Hugo's sister is now here with me and my other sister, MIMIme, furever. I have another sister and I have named her Violet . . .

In my Christmas box was also a beautiful Christmas card with Barney and all of his siblings photos on the front of the card. I also got a tin full of yummy treats, a little stuffed toy that I can throw up in the air, and his mommie made a bell wreath that I can share with my mommie . . .

. . . my mommie always likes to get a shot of all my presents after I have opened them but I would not cooperate with her. I kept turning my head and looking away from the camera . . . we needed to come to some kind of agreement to make me pose for her and the camera . . . after all she made me wait to open things so I thought I could keep her waiting . . .

. . . everyone has a price and I am no exception. I let her figure out that if I could have some yummy treats out of my tin I would be more than happy to model for her. She took the lid off of the tin and let me serve myself three times before she covered it back up. I took a few minutes to clean the crumbs off of my whiskers then . . .

. . . ta da . . . final photo done!

Sending a special thank you to Barney, his siblings, and his folks for thinking of me for Christmas and sending me such lovely gifts! You are the bestest of the best!!

ps: EVERYONE: Violet is wearing a heart necklace and it "Barney Loves Gracie"!!!! Isn't that just too purrrfect!!!!!!!

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Taking the day off and snuggling with the mom . . .

. . . thinking and dreaming of all my good friends in the blogging community. I am so lucky to have you as a friend and value your friendship so much. I am looking foward to getting to know you better with each passing year.

Wishing everyone a blessed New Year!