February 26, 2012


It's SUNday! One of my most favorite days of the week.
Today the folks are here at the house, I have heard them say they will be here for the whole day long. I just love it when we are all together so this is an extra good day and we have plenty of sunshine. Right now I am keeping a careful watch outside to see if there are any geese in my yard yard, they come back here every year to nest. That is one of the first signs that the weather is getting better out there, heck with watching for robins, the geese are so much easier to spot. Also, I am putting much thought into how I should spend the day. I have pondered this long and hard . . . thinking . . . thinking . . . and more thinking . . .
. . . this was way too much work to do for a lazy Sunday but at long last I knew what I would do  . . . and . . . well . . .
. . .

February 23, 2012

Tabby Cat~Siblings

The Tabby Cat Club is hosting another event today, Thursday, thanks to Sassy. The event behing held today is "Sissfure and Brothers~Love 'em or Hate 'em".

Minnie & Me

For my story you will need to visit the Tabby Cat Club. Yep, I have a sibling. Bet most of you didn't know that did you?

If you would like to join in on the fun at your place just post your photo and story and link to the TCC. Hope to see you at the club.

February 22, 2012

First Date

Exciting things have happened since Valentine's Day. If you remember I let the mancats know that I am single now and ready to date. Several have contacted me and I have got back to all of the handsome mancats that left me messages. I wainted to hear back from them and guess what? Only one and I must say a very handsome mancat got back to me and set up a date!

Here I am on the plane heading to my destination. Can you guess where and who I am going to see?

To my surprise I was picked up at the airport with a pink limo waiting for me. I am not sure how my date knew that pink is one of my favorite colors but think it was so sweet that he took the time to find that out. I also was given balloons, you can see them hanging out the back window. We held on to them tightly so they would not fly away. Have you guessed yet who I am going to go see?

I am meeting Felix from the KatNip Lounge gang. Felix lives in Las Vegas with twelve brothers and sisters! I am so looking forward to meeting everyone. Here is a photo of us inside the pink limo. Felix decided to have his sister, Kona, come along with us as our chaparone. He thought I might feel better not being alone with a mancat that I had just met. We drove around the limo for a while getting to know each other a little then we stopped in front of a theatre . . .

. . . you can imagine to my surprise when I saw our names up on the marquee right up there with David Copperfiel . . . and the next surprise was just as great too . . .

. . . Felix held in his sweet paws tickets for the David Copperfield show . . . today!!!

. . . We had really good seats for the show and didn't miss a trick. Kona gave us our space, so the two of us could get to know each other better, and sat a couple of rows behind us.

. . . After the magic show David had asked that we join him on stage for a group photo with him and his crew! Kona took the photo of us and after we visited with every one we had to leave for our dinner reservations.
To end our first date and time together in Las Vegas Felix had reservations at the awarding winning Top of the Restaurant located 800' above the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel, and Tower which revolves 360 degrees every 80 minutes. We enjoyed watching the lights of the city and each other's company. I will try not to think about heading home but know I must catch the red eye flight and head east soon. When I leave I will leave Vegas with fond memories. This is certainly a time that I will remember!

I really had a wonderful time getting to know Felix and Kona and hope I can come back for another visit to meet his other siblings. Thanks to Felix for this wonderful evening. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

February 19, 2012

Easy SUNday

Hope you all are taking it easy today too!

February 16, 2012

Wouldn't You Think?

I have three things for you to think about and give me a reasonable answer if you please.

Question number one ~ What the heck was the mom looking at? As you can see I am looking towards the camera and she is looking at ?????????

Question number two ~ Which one of us is the smartest? The one looking off into who knows what or the one focused on the picture taking?

Question number three ~ Why is she holding me and not letting me get down !? Can she really not tell by the look on my face that I don't want to be held! Geeeeee!

OK, I'm better now. Thanks for listening.

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing all of my friends a very Happy Valentine's Day!

I made you a special card for you to take with you. Hope you are having a fun day!!!

Now for the serious side of love. You see I was dumped many months ago by my boyfriend. He never told me why. After months of sole searching and mending my broken heart I am ready to move on. They say that love makes the world go around so if you are ready to help the earth orbit I am too.

ps: Hope I don't scare the mancats away. I really don't mind being single, we can just be friends. Happy Valentine's Day!!

February 13, 2012

Look Again

Ahhhhhh, a great place to rest you would think, yes? But do you notice anything that is different? Something that might bother a kittie? Something that isn't in it's place?

Look again. Do you see it? You don't . . . look again . . .

. . . yes you are correct! Those things sticking up behind me are the feet of my hammick! It is upside down. What the heck! The mom not only got out the sucker dooer but SHE HAS MOVED MY HAMMICK ONTO A BED AND IT IS UPSIDE DOWN! Sorry for yelling . . .

. . . this is really bothering me. After she left with the sucker dooer I positioned myself on my hammick as best as I could in the hopes that I would get her attention and she would put it back . . . She doesn't seem to notice a thing is wrong . . .  oh come on!

. . . I will stay here until she get the idea and puts things where they go. . . . . hey, I am thinking that this isn't so uncomfortable . . . yawn . . . the hammick is extra soft today . . . 

. . . zzzzzzzzzzzz . . . in fairness to the mom she did keep checking on me to see if she could put the hammick back where it goes but she didn't want to disturb me . . . I guess this wasn't such a bad idea after all. Wonder if we could leave the hammick right here all of the time? zzzzzzzzzzzzz Works for me!

February 5, 2012

Snooper Bowl XLVI

In my previous post you will remember that the gang, Karl, Ruis, Momo, Olive, and myself, headed over to Budapest to help Asta and her folks get settled from their move from the US of A . . .
Olive, Asta, & Gracie

. . . with the unpacking done it was time to catch up on a little well deserved rest. While we were resting r we brainstormed some ideas and and came up with the bestest of the best idea . . . Since the New York Giants, Asta is from NYC, team is playing in this year's Super Bowl we have decided to  . . .

Standing l-r: Ruis & Karl
On the bed l-r: Olive, Momo, Gracie & sleepy Asta

. . . stay an extra day and catch the game on the tv! We have our fan basket of treats ready to go and are just waiting for the kick off to start the game! Hope this is a good game and your favorite team that you will root for wins!

Happy Super Bowl Day to everyone!!!