July 28, 2011

Travel Thursday~Bora Bora

After many hours of thinking I have made an important decision. I am leaving on a trip allowing me to give the mom here the time she thinks she needs not to work for me. I want to blog and visit with my friends but she isn't working as much as I would like her to. Sooooooooooo I am going to Bora Bora!

Here I am getting ready to head into my nice hut that will be my home for awhile. This is the purrrfect place to be as there are fishies right outside of my hut! The best part about the fishing is there is no limit to the number of fishies that you can catch in a day.

There are many things to do here in Bora Bora and loafing is the top priority on my list. I don't know what's is going on with me sine I arrived but I cannot shake this feeling that I am not alone. I sure hope I am not getting paranoid. 

Oh the good life. I sure hope the folks are getting along fine while I am on my trip. I think often about my loving family, the gang, and my friends. I will look forward to when I see everyone again.

I am not sure how long I will be on my trip because I won't come home until the mom will promise to work for me. Please know that you all are in my thoughts and that I miss all of you so much. I am looking forward to when I am able to visit and keep in touch with everyone. Please don't forget me.

ps: If you want to get away from your human for a while come on down. There are plenty of rooms still available to rent.

ppss: I am hosting an open house at Bora Bora on August 4th. Everyone needing to get away from their humans for whatever reason or just needing to get away are welcome. I will be so happy to see everyone. If you want to come just post a Bora Bora photo of yourself and link to me. I am going to try to teleport back to the mom and see if she can figure our how to put a Mr. Linkie at my place and we can hook up there. See you soon. Oh, bring your friends too. Thursday, August 4th is Bora Bora day!!

July 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday + Thursday

ps: If you wanted to know what happened when the police pulled me over in the post before this please visit Karl as he has the scoop.

July 18, 2011

Oh, oh!

Oh, oh! Here we go again. The gang is together once more and the long arm of the law is watching us.

Photo by Karl

Photo by Karl
One for all and all for one so here we all are together. It isn't what you think it is. Asta, Momo, and Karl have an explanation as to what is up. Lucky for me that Opus and Olive aren't talking.

Really I did nothing!!!!

July 13, 2011

Together Again

I know you have all heard the saying "When the cat is away the mice will play." But do you know what happens when the folks are away? Yep, you guessed it. THE CATS WILL PLAY!

The gang is together once again! Momo, Asta, Karl, Ruis, Opus, Ollie, and myself are sharing once again in a celebration.

As you can see by the photo we are waiting for the start of a wedding. You are probably wondering who is getting married and where are we. If you would like to know you will have to visit with Karl for the full scoop at his place.

See you at the wedding!

July 10, 2011

Gotcha Day~Late


Heck yes I am out of focus and just beyond belief!

This is the first picture of my dad and me. It was taken July 7, 2009. The dad thinks he saw me but really I saw him first. He was an easy mark. Dad said that I was starving so he picked me up and gave me some food and water. You can see the bowls next to us in this picture. This was the window of opportunity so I worked my charm to steal their love, it worked so I decided to adopt them.

This is the first photo of the mom and me. It isn't photo shopped the white you see around me in the sunlight. You can see the instant love we had for each other. Our love for each other has grown with each passing day. I didn't have to think twice once I bonded with her that I knew I was in the right place. The folks say they were lucky to have found me but I must say that it is I who had the bestest of the best luck that day when I walked into their lives.

I cannot be upset with posting a few days late about my Gotcha Day, actually I cannot be upset with the folks at all. They have been super busy, yep that does happen to us all, so I will cut them some slack. I will stay snuggled on the mom's lap while I think about the past two years and also of the fun times to come.

ps: The mom is doing great.
ppss: I will be away from blogging for another week or so but will be able to visit maybe next week.

July 1, 2011

CATaracts Part II~Update

CATaract Update~Yesterday was a sleepy one for mom and me. They loaded her up with stuff that made her just want to sleep. During the operation two times they gave her more meds as she was feeling too much of the operation. She didn't like that at all. Today, the day after, she went in for her check up and she is doing great. Her vision is both eyes is 20-20. Wow, now she will really be able to keep an eye on me. Thanks all for your purrs and good thoughts.

I'm sitting here by the door because I want to be sure I don't miss the mom when she comes home from her CATaract surgery today. This morning they are doing her second eye and I know that when she gets home she will want to snuggle down and take a long nap and I plan on joining her.

She had a check up on her right eye the other day and the doctor is so pleased that all is well. Now the purrs are again needed as they are working on the left eye today. Thanks so much for all of your kind words and purrs. This means a lot to me and the mom.

I will post updates as to how the mom is doing.