August 28, 2010

Good Bye Grandma

I am sad to say that the grandma of the family has gone away. The mom and dad here mentioned heaven and I know it is up in the sky somewhere. I am trying to see if I can see the grandma. We are pretty sad here and our hearts of so heavy. The tears come and go and they are replaced with stories about the grandma. Even though it was her time to leave us it is always a hard thing when it happens.

I am helping the folks with lots of snuggle time and I am letting them cuddle me any time that they want. I am going to give the mom the time she needs as she has lots to do and she is being supportive to the dad, it is his mom. As soon as things slow down a little I will be back to blogging so until then . . . see you later.

August 20, 2010

Photography 101

I have decided today to offer a great hint when photos are being taken of you. You might want to get the mom or whoever is always sticking the clickie camera in your face when you least expect it. This will be lesson one, more lessons will be offered at another time. This particular lesson addresses the importance of the angel of the camea in regards to the subject and how the model can enhance the photo.

You can quickly see the difference in the two photos. Both photos were taken seconds apart. Notice how much thinner I look in the second one. A good model will stretch herself/himself as much as possible and also suck in the tummy area. Also if the one taking the photo puts the camera at a slightly different angle from the subject the results are fabulous. You can clearly see that the second photo is the most flattering.

You might want to try this at home and I think you will be happy with the results. Hope this lesson was helpful to you.

August 15, 2010


Love Sundays, love my family, & love my indoor life!

Do you believe it but some folks have said that I am a spoiled kittie.
I strongly disagree with that.
I think I am a really spoiled kittie.
And there is nothing wrong with that!!

August 12, 2010


Stop if you buy Iams dry kittie food!
There is a voluntary recall on that.
I don't know if that is for the doggie food too.

The mom took me to the vet yesterday and saw there was a sign there saying that there was an voluntary recall on the Iams dry food.
 I want to help get the word out so those that are using it can check things out.
 I don't have any details on it but you can for sure get the information from your local vet or even on line.

When I was little the mom researched the food available and came to the conclusion that Blue Buffalo was the best for me. It is all 100% natural with no fillers, can you believe it real whole chicken breast is in it!!
It is very yummy and they have many different kinds, indoor cats, outdoor cats,
weight control, for older cats, etc.
I don't get paid to indorse Blue Buffalo just letting you know what I use.
There have been so many recalls with the foods I just want you to be aware and be safe.
If you are on Iams please check it out!!
Also pass the information along to all of your friends!

August 8, 2010

World Cat Day!

Today is World Cat Day!

I'm the princess of the house.
(This is not a photo shop-it's the real me)

I cannot believe that I started out as a little kittie that was left to be on my own, outside and trying to survive.  How fortunate for me that I found my furever home on that summer day when I heard voices and followed them only to find a fun picinic going on and lots of food. The folks here have always been fond of the doggies, but I didn't know that then, and never got to know too much all about us kitties. The folks saw me that day and knew right away I was starving and gave me food, water and took me to the vet to make sure I was healthy. They cared about me when they found me on that summer day over a year ago and fell for me hook line, and sinker and I too fell for them. They made me an important part of this family and make me feel like a princess. Love my folks and my new life. I don't even remember much about the time that they were not in my life. Oh, by the way the folks cannot figure out why it took them so long to have a kittie in the house. Around here I feel like every day is World Cat Day.

Yeah! It's great being a princess kittie! 

August 5, 2010

What's Outside?

Something was sooooooo interestering going on outside my window the other day. I kept going from window to window to check things out

I sat in the windows for a long time. The mom couldn't resist this happening so out came the camera but I was so intrigued I didn't care how many photos she took of me. Take a guess at what might be outside . . .

. . . this is much better than watching the tv . . . do you think you know what has captured my interest?

. . . I wasn't sure what it was but the mom explained to me all about the critter . . .  oops I gave you a little hint . . .

. . . look closley . . . can you see it?  Can you make it out? Did you guess right? There it is!

Isn't he just the cutest little hoppy bunny ever? He lives on our property and I would like to make friends with him but the mom won't let me out nor the bunny in. Oh well I will just be happy to watch him hop all around the yard. He sometimes comes up to our patio door and we stare at each other. I just love living in the country.