March 23, 2012

Resting Up

Getting plenty of rest for the weekend that will soon start. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

March 19, 2012

World Cancer Day 2012

Our lives forever changed because you were taken from us too soon.
Miss you each and everyday
 and love you.

Mom & her loving father
Mom and her brother, he was and is always her hero

Mom's family:

Raymond Young Little 1915-1992   Father
Ronald Ray Little 1942-2011
Elgie "Pat" Boise 1880-1956   Grandfather
Naomi Gruber 1915-1990   Aunt
William Gruber 1934-1993   Cousin
Betty Gruber 1932-1995   Cousin
Luetta Buerher 1910-1992   Cousin
LaNatte Wood 1928-1992   Cousin

Prayers for those in the family and our friends
 that are up against this right now.

Please let there be a cure for this terrible disease that has taken so many from us!

March 16, 2012

Tabby Cat Club Fun!

There is something happening at the Tabby Cat Club today and everyone is invited. You don't have to be a member to participate!! You won't want to miss it.

This photo will give you a hint . . . hurry on over . . . . see you there . . .

March 4, 2012

The GranBean

I am so far behind in my blogging, emails, and visiting and hope you will understand and know that even though I have been away I think of you all often.

I have a very good reason for being behind and cannot fault the mom here. You see the photo above was taken a while back, not today. There is no snow on the ground nor is our grandbean here visiting. You see this last week she had tubes put in her little ears and then the doctors took out her tonsils. The folks went down to give lots of grandparent love to help her feel better and have a speedy recovery. I wish I could have gone down too and offered headbutts and lots of snuggle time. The grandbean is doing pretty good though recovery will take one to two weeks before she can go back to school.

Keep our wee one in your purrs that soon she will be back to herself soon!

March 2, 2012

Dr Seuss Challenge

Thanks to DA WEENIES OF FLORIDA and ZOOLATRY for the wonderful idea of the Dr. Seuss Challenge Day!!

In honor of Dr. Seuss I salute you!